Oregon coast

Sunday at the Oregon Coast


Something about the front of this Gray Whale reminds me of an alligator!


This juvenile whale had white on the ends of his dorsal fins and tips of his tail. He was easy to spot!



While I was prepping for this photo a hummingbird landed on the pink blossom hanging over the cliff… I got so excited, I yelled and scared it away. 🙄


This shows how close he juveniles will get to shore, it’s crazy!


We called this guy Barny, he had so many barnacles on his head!

Those are my favorites! Thanks for looking, have a wonderful evening!


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  1. Wow, Lana! So close! Poor Barney- he looks uncomfortable! I have done the same thing with hummingbirds. I sit on my sunporch sometimes and watch the feeder, and I make such a commotion trying to get my camera that I scare them off. 😑 It looks like today was even prettier than yesterday. Just look at that water color! I am super impressed with your day and your pictures! 💗 🐳

    • Thank you so much… with no kids with us today, we had a wonderful time together enjoying the coast with our camera. 😍

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