Such a beautiful Day


Whale boat tours on Depoe Bay.


Agate beach where Ryan went surfing Sunday


Depoe Bay has the smallest Harbor in the world.


Heceta Head lighthouse. The most photographed lighthouse in the world.


Loved the colors..


Filbert Orchard on the way to the beach.

Tnanks for looking, have a wonderful Monday everyone!


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  1. Beautiful area.
    One thing I’ve always wondered about living on the coast. Let’s say you live within 6 miles inland of the Ocean. Is it always humid and does the humidity get annoying to the point that:
    1. Its hard to have dry towels in the bathroom…?
    2. You find yourself sweating in your clothes even while sitting on the couch reading a book–? Would this happen, say, even in March/April?
    3. What do folks at the coast do about Mold or mildew?
    I Looovve the Beach but I wonder about these things.

    • In my experience if you live right close to the beach… your patio furniture will never be dry, lol however in Oregon it isn’t that warm though. Like right now it’s in the 60’s.

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