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Top 10 Random Facts About Oregon


We love our beautiful, liberal state of Oregon. We thought we would share some of our states unique and amazing qualities and features.

  1. We have more ghost towns than any other state, coming in at 80 registered in the state. I have never seen one of these so called ghost towns, but after finding this fun fact this might be worthy of a road trip. 👻


    I took this photo Sunday of Heceta Head Lighthouse.

  2. Home to the most photographed lighthouse in the world, Heceta Head Lighthouse. Oregon has a total of 11 lighthouses. That would be a fun blog post and road trip too,  photograph all 11! We live about 75 miles away from Heceta Head Lighthouse.
  3. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S. With no streams flowing into or out of the lake it is estimated to be 1,943 ft deep.
  4. Oregon has more volcanic peaks than any other state in the contiguous US.9315c8f5-98c0-4e02-a229-8415c594d43f.jpeg
  5. The city of Portland has more breweries than any other city in the world, and is also the second in the country for growing hops! Makes sense…🤔
  6. The city of Portland also is the most Vegan City in the world. Yay!👍🏻
  7. There are 750 vineyards in the state of Oregon and 300 wineries. Our signature grape grown in Oregon is the Pinot Noir.
  8. Mt Hood is the highest peak in Oregon, elevation 11,250 ft, and also the second most hiked mountain in the world, (Mt Fiji is #1).
  9. The entire Oregon coast is protected under the Oregon Beach Bill keeping it open to the public. ” all wet sand within 16 vertical ft of the low tide line, belongs to the state of Oregon.”We have a lot of beautiful beaches and coastal areas, so we are pretty happy about this.😁
  10. Oregon likes the outdoors! We have more than 5,900 registered campsites, 230 state parks, 13 national forests, 6,000 lakes and 112,000 miles of rivers and streams! No wonder we love camping here!🔥A26CCB0C-582E-4032-96AA-D0BBEF401EA1

I hope you enjoyed our top 10 for this Tuesday! If you’d like to copy our Top 10 post idea, share some interesting facts about your part of the world and link it back to us! We’d love to read it! Or just leave a comment…


PS- on a very side note, Ryan wanted me to add that Oregon invented the tater-tot.😳(smh)

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  1. sounds like you are right at home in Oregon! and not that my US geography is that good, but I never pictured Oregon as being on the coast – you learn something new everyday.

    Also I’ll definitely be using this idea, thanks

  2. We love lighthouses- my husband proposed at one, we were married near one, had our photos taking near two! And when we went to Washington, Vancouver, and Alaska for our honeymoon, we saw as many as we possibly could! I definitely want to see the ones in Oregon! Fun facts, and I think I’d be right at home in Oregon. 😊 I made a vegan Caesar salad dressing yesterday- so yummy! And falafel burgers! 😋

  3. Visited Portland Oregon and surrounding areas on vacation last month loved it ! Now I know where the Christmas trees come from ! lol ! So beautiful !

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