Wishin’ we were campin’…and a small rant

Happy Friday night to everyone!

No Camping for one more weekend

We are stuck at home this weekend as our RV is still getting repaired. The part will be in on Monday so we will for sure be going back up to Belknap Hot Springs next weekend. We have the second campsite along the river right next to the hot springs.

In the meantime, staying home is like staying at work all weekend when you work from home. Once in a while I don’t mind, but in the middle of summer? Definitely a bummer…

My Barnes & Noble rantIMG_2086

This afternoon I had I got out of the house for a few hours and like always I found myself at the bookstore. A few months ago I wrote a blog about the comfy chairs at Barnes and Noble, and how I adore them. A few of you bloggers informed me that your local Barnes and Noble had eliminated the comfy chairs! Woooh…. Barnes and Noble what is that all about?

Thankfully that hadn’t happened at my store. 

Today..I went in, ordered my iced tea and searched for my comfy chair??? And then I walked right out, took my tea and went to the library. WTH B&N?😏

I can confirm that it has now happened at my store too! I am bummed and a bit annoyed. Barnes and Noble had a place for people to sit and relax while reading and contemplating their next book purchase, that was their selling point over Amazon. Why would you do this B&N?😩 WHY??? 

I know lots of people are boycotting Amazon…not me! I am boycotting Barnes and Noble for taking away my right to sit and read in comfort!

Ok, I am almost done ranting. Boy, am I glad I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite on Prime Day!! Suck it, B&N!

Other than leaving the bookstore in a hurry, my Friday was great, how about yours? What are your weekend plans?
Kindle Store

Have a wonderful weekend!😎


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  1. Oh no about the chairs! I haven’t been to ours lately to see if we still have chairs? I am so happy you are enjoying your pretty Paperwhite! Next weekend you’ll be camping! It’s getting late on the east coast, so I’ll be reading and going to bed soon! Happy weekend, Lana!

  2. oh we know that feeling right now! argh such a bummer when it all doesnt work out and being stuck at home is the pits, hopefully camping is not too far around the corner for all of us.

  3. I’m obsessed with RV’s, Lana. Several months ago I posted pictures of the RV show we attended. I’ve wanted one for so long. But I get overwhelmed when I start thinking about where to store it and maintaining it. Maybe some day though. 😊
    My B&N actually updated their chairs with new ones. Finally! They were getting quite worn. I don’t think it’s a good idea for them to get rid of the comfy chairs, it’s one of the major reasons people come; to sit, relax and enjoy reading. That scenario is conducive to a person purchasing a book.
    Let’s hope they’re getting new chairs at your B&N. 😉

    • Oh heck no… I’ve had 4 kids, I want comforts! 🤣 I am more of a glamper.. nothing fancy but I enjoy lighting, a cozy bed and HEAT! 💗

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