Agrarian Farms

Agrarian Farms & Finley Wildlife Preserve

Agrarian Farms

We got almost my entire family to meet at Agrarian Farms 20 minutes out of town. The kids played this huge chessboard, we played corn hole, had beer made on the farm and ordered lunch from food carts.



This handsome young man in glasses is my son Jared, the same one I’m always complaining never comes to see his mother..

Finley Wildlife Viewing Area

I am still getting to know my new camera(Canon Rebel t6), we’ve had it a week now… Bethany(an amazing wildlife blogger I follow, check her out!) she’s wondering where all my photos are!! 🤣So these photos are for her… unfortunately there wasn’t many photos to get, the birds were way out. I will try again this evening and early morning.


We walked out on this amazing raised path about half a mile over a wetland area to get the the viewing spot. It was midday so not the best viewing time but still good practice for me.


Definitely more photo posts to come…

Have a great evening everyone, thanks for looking!


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  1. Oh YAY! I couldn’t sleep and came on your blog JUST to see if you’d posted any photos!!!!!!
    Beautiful. I love the walk way and the bird and the lighting. You are good!! Really good! And your family look so happy. I love this post. Thank you for posting it

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