Sunday Morning Photos…

We left the home about 5:30 am to hit a few favorite spots by our house. At the first stop we spotted a raccoon walking through the grass along a creek bank. I remembered to take the lens cap off but did not have a memory card in the camera.. 😳

Then we made it to our next stop, Greenhill Wetlands, about two miles from home. Still no birds to be seen but we got the sunrise.


Our third stop is about a mile from home. It’s a great wildlife viewing area with four connecting ponds and a mile trail looping around them. It’s one of my parent’s favorite places to go. They’ve been photographing these beavers here for thirty years.


I got a few pictures of one and he slapped his tail on the water and took off. It was pretty cool to watch, neither of us had seen a beaver in the wild before.

Most of my photos are of the scenery, there wasn’t many birds out this morning. We saw a wild kitty and I stopped to watch him. He was about to pounce on something. What I wasn’t anticipating was the squeaky noises when he caught his mouse! Talk about animal planet! Bleh…🤢



You can see the furry little mouse this kitty caught in his mouth! Yikes!


These logs in this pond by the afternoon will be covered in Western Pond Turtles. I 💗 turtles!! I will be back this evening to photograph them. I’ve taken pictures with my iPad where one log has twenty turtles on it.

So for our first early morning out in search of wildlife, it was pretty fun! We saw a raccoon, a beaver, Blue Heron(flying away) 2 field mice and some ducks. It’s a start… 😊

Thanks for looking and enjoy your Sunday!


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  1. So glad you and Ryan were able to visit the treasures in our local comminity. They are all in walking distance too! Awesome pictures showing the low level fog. The sunrise is very pretty.

  2. I’ve never seen a beaver up close either. Aww the circle of life, those mouse noises would’ve made me want to rescue it (for a second) but kitty has to eat too. I loved that you shared your photos! Now I want to seek out places and give this a try next week!

  3. Omg that sunrise!and you forgot the memory card….oooopppps!!!! I yell at my camera and then remember the lens cap is on all the time!
    Is that steam coming off the water?
    I cannot BELIEVE you got a photo of a cat with a mouse. I mean that is serious talent right there. Unreal!
    Loving these photos soooo much

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