Sunday Photography

Tonight I’m using my own photos, but my mom was with us too! We went to the same place we saw the beaver this morning, Golden Garden Ponds. If you missed that post you can see it here.

I was hoping for more turtles, but I only saw one in all of the ponds. We saw geese, ducks, and something I’ve never seen before and I’m super excited to share with you! I can’t believe I didn’t scare it away! I think the only reason I didn’t is because I was slightly frightened… so we kept our distance…


💗Love it!


One lonely Western Pond Turtle… he looks lonely to me.


Dozens of Geese were landing on the ponds all evening… it sounded so peaceful.


I’m not sure what the heron was doing in this photo…possibly drying his wings? I’m not sure, but he stood like this for a good ten or fifteen minutes.


Great Blue Heron



A Skunk! How cool is that!? We’ve never seen one before so we were so excited!🤩


He was the cutest thing ever!

The more we adventure with our camera the more I adore it! I wish I could have had better lighting for the skunk, but it turned out ok. Ryan and I are hoping to go there at 5:30 am Tomorrow morning before work. Maybe we will get lucky enough to see the beaver again.

All of these pictures were taken less than two miles from our home. We will be probably be coming here a lot over the next few months!

Thanks for looking at our photos! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did!


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  1. You are really learning how to use your camera as evident by your pictures! Maybe you will see an Eagle tomorrow morning, love 💕 ya mom

    • Thank you! I feel like we’ve been extremely lucky! It’s been so fun! Thankfully we didn’t have our dogs with us when we saw the skunk… 🤢

  2. This is so exciting i’m never falling asleep now. I’m so excited about you having your new camera! You are sooo good.
    The geese are fabulous. With them flapping their wings that is awesome. I love the heron but my favorite is that turtle . That was so cool. And a skunk. Holy cow. You are amazing

  3. Ps i expect to be yelled at next time i am this slow at catching up so come on my blog and say UM HELLO OVER HERE!!!! So I can make sure I don’t miss out on all this excitement!!!

    • I’m so glad you thought of my blog when you couldn’t sleep! I had hoped you’d see these posts! I was so excited with the critters we saw.. it was so fun!

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