A Bloggers life…

What is your blogging routine?

Do you post daily, weekly or rather when the mood strikes? I will admit I am still trying to find my groove on this.

I know what I don’t want to do, and that is post several times a day. If you post more than 2 or 3 times throughout the day it’s hard for me to stay on top of that with my other reading, and honestly, I lose interest. 😴

I also don’t want to abandon my blog for weeks at a time. I have read advice from many successful bloggers that harp on maintaining a schedule and sticking to it, or your readers will just start reading something else…😳

My blogging Style

I am a very small, daily blogger, plain and simple. I have some regular posts topics for certain weekdays and that seems to bring the week into focus for me, making it a little easier to find content. It’s still something I’m playing with. My 3 main topics… Camping, books, and photography, but you know that already.2F483415-37BA-4D31-8C4E-337ED12CC2CB

I think technically I’m only supposed to blog about one topic but, whatever… 🙄I love all three, with photography moving up rapidly now that I am not capturing wildlife with my iPad.

Do you schedule posts out or post them as they come to you?

My busiest time(according to WordPress) is Monday at 6 am, so I try(it doesn’t always work out, but I try) to always post something early on Monday.

I’d love to be able to set aside time to schedule a week out. That would really take the pressure off the next blog post, wouldn’t it? How do you plan your week? I’d love to share details on how we all manage producing posts almost daily.

It’s basically a second job that we all volunteer for each day… right? I’m definely never going to see the 64 cents I’ve made from WordPress… We’re all volunteering our thoughts each and every day… 😊

My best advice I’ve been given about blogging…

I’m not sure where I read this, but it was describing blogging etiquette. This is basically what I got from them…

When someone comments on your blog, someone has just walked into your coffee shop. Make them feel welcome, encourage them to stay and have a conversation, and make sure they want to come back! Likewise, when you stop by someone else’s coffee shop don’t talk about your own coffee, talk about theirs! ☕️ 

Of all tips I’ve read, I love this the most…

Ok, that’s enough about me, what about you? Tell me your blogging tips and habits. I’d love to know how you find time to schedule it all in…

Have a wonderful night friends…


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  1. I like you, will definitely lose interest is someone post several times a day. I mean, that’s really keeping someone busy. As far as staying within what your blog is ‘about.’ I don’t think it should be about one thing, I’m here for you and because of your writing. So if you want to write about photography today and frogs tomorrow, hey! It’s your blog! I have no issues with that.
    Personally, I’m a relatively new blogger – just a couple months. So I’m not sure how much help I can be, but a schedule is right on point. I have a couple days during the week where they’ll be specific, it’s gotten a good turn out. And then in between that, I’ll write about my congenital condition – which the main reason for the blog, or whatever else is on my mind and I want to share. If I’m not writing that day, I take that day, to comment on other bloggers posts. I think the coffee shop idea/example is right! I try to always reply to my followers if they leave comments, it’s important to me they know I hear them. 😊🙏🏽

  2. I might do it differently if I were trying to make money off my blog but since it is just a hobby I try to post once or twice a week. Sometimes life happens and I get busy and may go two weeks without a post. Recently I have found that re-blogs work well when I don’t have time to write. Too many posts from one blog will probably scare me off. If I do hang around I usually only have time to read a few of the posts.
    I should add that I don’t have tons of followers so I’m probably not doing some things right. LOL

    • I like the reblog idea too… I should really try to plan a few of those when I am unable to post. This weekend we will be somewhere with no service.. that would be a great time for a reblog post! Have a great Tuesday Ruth!☀️

  3. Hi, Lana: I blog two posts daily: one is a Mob Haiku (humor) (well I thought it was funny 🙂 and a true ghost essay or story (mostly re-posts) – I occasionally do a third post if I’m promoting a free book as I am now. This has worked well for me, I’ve been at it for over a year and the blog has flourished! Keep up the great work with your blog! Enjoying it! 🙂

    • Thank you! I enjoy reading your haiku’s they always get me to click and read them… thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I try to queue my stuff up but don’t always have time. I have specific days that I post things on:
    Monday – Books
    Wednesday – Travel
    Friday – Food
    Saturday – Local stuff or random
    Sunday – creative fiction or poetry (when I have something written worth posting)

    I try to only post once a day but sometimes I don’t.

    • Thanks for sharing that! It’s really interesting to learn what works for everyone. It is hard for me to plan ahead and also to be patient enough to wait! Like at the moment I have something scheduled for Thursday, but part of me just wants to post it right now. Lol

  5. I’m all over the freaking place with my blog. It is just about my life. So it may be about the abuse factor but I am so much more than that so i throw in poetry and photos and life stories. My blog started out as one thing and then morphed into something entirely different. I used to post something every few days. Now it depends. Sometimes I will get on a poetry roll and post 3 poems in a row that I will write and I can never hold back my photography. The mood has to strike though for those gut wrenching bare my soul kind of posts.
    Your blog is awesome just do what you’re doing!

  6. This is great advice! I think I need to make up a schedule. I was doing well with 3 maybe 4 posts a week but now I am finding it hard to seek time since my daughter finished school for the Summer. Got any tips for that?

    Love reading your posts. You definitely create a warm welcoming coffee shop vibe 🙂

    • Awe… thank you!
      What I would suggest is set aside a few hours to write and schedule a few posts throughout the week. Especially when you know you’ll be busy or away from WiFi. This weekend we are going to a campground that has zero WiFi or cell coverage so I have to plan ahead for my weekend Posts!
      Another tip bloggers use is reblogging one of your favorites occasionally when your busy, especially an older one that maybe new follows haven’t read!
      I’m still learning too! Have the best day! ☀️

  7. No desire to post everyday day. I don’t want to feel “obligated for output”. I quit Twitter because I felt that way–and–that also kept me away from doing more Reading/research for fun.

    I post on several different & unrelated Topics/categories. My hope is that people will toam through my posts and see that, and find them Interesting, and keep checking back. Comments are always welcome. I try to post at least 2 or 3 times per month, but not on any certain or specific days and I include “Topic-Tags” with my posts. Enjoy! 😁

    • That’s awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your blogging habits and thoughts! I totally get what you mean about “feeling obligated to post.” 😁Have a great night!

  8. Social media drives me around the bend, but as an author I have to market my book. I’ve been blogging for a while now but don’t stick to one subject. I don’t write about writing or how to’s. I write whatever comes to mind that is important for me to share with others. My marketing coach suggested I post at least once a week on various social media.As for scheduling my posts, I’m working on it. I spend my Sundays brainstorming ideas for my posts. Writing is my second job, therefore time is limited for marketing. I think that posting more often depends on what product you’re selling. Don’t know if this helps any? By the way, thanks for liking my last post.

  9. The advice is right on point! Love the idea of a “coffee shop”. I schedule my post for the same time every day and will now be going to 3 days a week with a Reblog Saturday that’s completely out of my main blog, more blogging tips. Sunday will most likely stay an “instant replay” and share some of my earlier posts. I only started in May but ideas we read things one day and think, oh I don’t need that. Then re-read it again a month later and can’t wait to use the tip or idea. Thanks for this information.

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