Hello, Universe!

Hello, Universe!


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Virgil Salinas is shy and misunderstood.

Valencia Somerset is clever and stubborn.

Kaori Tanaka tells fortunes and reads the stars. 

Chet “The Bull” Bullens is the biggest bully in the neighborhood.

They aren’t friends. They don’t all go to the same school. But when Chet pulls an unthinkable prank on Virgil and Virgil’s pet guinea pig, Gulliver, the lives of these four middle schoolers collide in surprising and unexpected ways.

Just a coincidence?

Or are something’s meant to be?


I earned this book through Scholastics at the end of the school year with a big book haul! It fits perfectly into my latest reading challenge! I am working my way through all the Newbery Award winning books! I will probably post updates on my progress along the way! Hello, Universe is the latest Newbery Award winner(2018).
Newbery Winners

I am not a fast reader, but I finished this book inside of a day, and its not because it was a 300 page children’s book, no way!(ok, well maybe).. but mainly it’s just an adorable, lighthearted story!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sounder(1970 winner) again, but it was heart-wrenching novel. So this was a refreshing change.  Even though it was very lighthearted it was full of culture, diversity, and also touched on bullying.

It’s Virgil that’s bullied. He’s a shy kid, a bit of a misfit, with a crush on Valencia. Valencia is deaf and shares a resource class with Virgil at school, but hasn’t given much thought to him.

They would never have met if their paths hadn’t crossed through Kaori, my favorite character! She believes in the stars, in fate and that the universe has a plan. She is a huge personality for a young psychic girl.

When it’s time for the universe to speak, it will…

Through an act of bullying these three find each other. Do you believe that things happen by chance? Or maybe, just maybe, some force is guiding us to where we need to be.

Who knows… but 2 thumbs way up for the Newbery Literary Commitee on a great pick! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Have you read this one? I’d love to hear your thoughts…Thanks for reading.

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    • I like books with misfit characters and an unusual story. My fav book this year is still the Girl Who Drank The Moon, but this was still a fun one!

  1. Sounds good. I am actually working on reading some of the children’s books I read as a child. I am currently reading Kavik the Wolfdog, which is by Walt Morey, the same author who wrote Gentle Ben. We should have a website that is just for people to read and discuss books, write book reports, stuff like that. Not everybody needs to be a millionaire. We could probably make a good living like that.

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