Belknap Hot Springs

Loading the weekend…please stand by!

Friday Eve!

I love to talk weekend plans on Thursday!  If your in the US chances are it’s going to be very HOT! Our plans are to have a weekend away with out any children, glamping along the McKenzie River at Belknap Hot Springs.

I can’t wait to see our spot we scored on our reservations! There are about 50 campsites at Belknap with only a dozen or so along the river. We will be in spot number 2, on the river and right by the hot springs! I am so excited!

From our campsite we will be able to watch hikers cross the bridge, rafters and kayakers float past us, and maybe if we’re lucky spot a bald eagle or two.

There is a big wedding this weekend at the Belknap Gardens so it will be fun to watch all the festivities and people watch. Sometimes I prefer a remote spot, but this weekend will have plenty of people watching.C7513FDD-CB6D-40AB-8C0C-0333928D1927

Our RV has been at Camping World for about two weeks now waiting on a part for our furnace. We finally brought it back home yesterday! And I am so excited to be in it again!

One of my favorite things to do is set up camp early so we can sit back in our lawn chairs, sipping our cocktails(or in Ryan’s case, IPA) and watch the weekend travelers roll in. I like seeing everyone’s gear and weekend toys; all types of RV’s, kayaks, mountain bikes, Rafts, canoes, fishing gear… I love it all!

My camping gear:  Books, my camera and my IPad! 🤓

Work Stress

Summer with a preschool is exhausting! We have had 13 kids in our program all summer. About 8 preschoolers and the rest older siblings on summer break. Activities in summer months are trickier with varying ages, so I’m basically planning two sets of activities each day all summer!

Kids get bored 😐 so very easy! I could sit here in my comfy seat blogging, reading and sipping coffee all day… I would not get bored!

With our state licensing, we renew once a year with one additional unannounced visit from the state. That unannounced visit happened this week.😲

They can write me up as being non-compliant with one simple safety violation such as not having my electrical plugins covered, or having a bottle of cleaner on top of my fridge(it has to under lock). So it often times depends on the inspector how detailed and friendly they are.

We passed and she was very friendly… but my stress level was up there this week! So I am so ready for 3 pm Friday to roll around! It can’t get here fast enough!

How has your week been and how do you plan to spend your summer weekend? Thanks for reading..

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  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for reserving a camp site for us. One place we should visit is the Blue Pool. It is one of my favorite places. Dad doesn’t like the hike because he thinks I will fall. If he could put a dog leash on me he would.😀. Looking forward to the weekend.

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