5 Days Left For a Book Haul Drawing!

5 Days Remaining…only 2 entries so far…

I am trying a raffle program called Rafflecopter for our blog. I am going to be sending the winner a selection of the books I read in July! Only 2 people have signed up so give it a shot if you love books!

Here is where you can sign up! Only thing needed is to follow us on Twitter…(shipping in US only). Next raffle I will drop the Twitter follow.. 😊

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!



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  1. Let me know how this contest works out for you. I’ve been thinking of doing one but never really knew a good site.

    I entered, hope you get a lot of entries.

    • I definitely will let you know. 😊I am still figuring it out, but rafflecopter seems fairly simple. I think I have about 10 entries so far. You can demo it for a week, that’s what I’m doing now.

      • When I’m ready I definitely will! I want to decide what to raffle and when. I’ve finally hit 500 followers, maybe I need a blog party first!

      • Yes! My blog party has been my biggest day of views! By far!! 😁You totally should and congrats!!

  2. Sounds like I a great way to pass along your books for others to enjoy. I am not a twitter user so I didn’t enter. I hope it goes well for you though.

    • I wish I could remove the twitter thing, but next raffle it will be removed! Thanks for the input! 😊I thought so too, that my books would be fun to give away! Especially since I don’t have anyone that I can share them with in my family or circle of friends… ☀️

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