Top 10 Reasons Why I Write This Blog

How Our Blog Came To Be…

Coming up on five months of blogging under my belt surprises me. It has went by so fast! I know that’s not long really, but when I first started I didnt even really know what a blog was, and had never heard the name WordPress before? WordPress?What?

So I wasn’t sure it was for us.

Originally I wanted Ryan to start one, I didn’t know how, so “write a sports blog!” I said, since he loves college football so much, but he wasn’t interested. “Eh, I don’t know…”he said.

After talking about it for a year( by talking, I mean me asking a Ryan to please start one😬), we agreed to start one together( and of course together ended up being me blogging). Lol

  • 🤨Ryan would like to note here that he has written a blog post about surfing and you can find it here.

And that’s totally fine because maybe it was me that really wanted to, I just didn’t know how or where to start. So here is a list of the reasons why I write my blog…D9EB67D8-CD6A-4513-90C8-4378398A6BDD

Top 10

  1. I love to write! That is sort of a must isn’t it? So that’s number 1!
  2. I am obsessed with reading! Reading your blogs, books, magazines, the newspaper. I am always reading!
  3. I love to connect with people who inspire me and feel inspired by me! Nothing is better than connecting with people that can relate to your views and interests, or give you insight into something you knew nothing about!
  4. It helps me to stay inspired! Sharing my thoughts and ideas seems to motivate me and keep me honest with my own goals.
  5. My thoughts need a place to land! I got a lot of ideas in my head, the gears are always turning… so it’s great to have a place to lay them all down and sort them out!
  6. I love to learn new things! Let’s face it, us bloggers are a smart bunch! We have cool ideas, inspiring stories, and travel to amazing places…. Who wouldn’t want to read our posts!?
  7. I love a challenge! If I could grow my blog to make a few travel dollars, nothing would make me happier!🤑
  8. It is a good scrapbook for our family and journal of our adventures! Family and friends can see our posts and stay in touch. In reality though, this means that(Hi Adam!) Ryan’s dad and my Mom read them(Hi Mom)!
  9. It gets us out of our same ol’ routine! It encourages us to rethink our trips, to go on different hikes, stops along the way, new places and find great photo opps!
  10. The 10th reason why I write this blog is super simple… I am a NERD! And it makes me happy! 🤓

I’d love to hear.. what keeps you blogging? What made you start? Do you share some of these on the list? Thanks for reading my top 10 post and have a great Tuesday!

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    • Awesome! I’m glad you could identify with my reasons! 😁 Thanks for sharing that with me.. ☀️have a wonderful Tuesday!

    • Awe. Thank you for your sweet comment! I feel just the same about yours!💗 and yes, #1 is a must for sure! 😁

  1. You are doing great for 5 months and I hope I am as successful as you are. I have only been doing it for 3 months. I was told it was a good thing to have a blog when you travel write just to practice writing. I use it to remember places and things I have done that I might want to write about. I too use it for my 90 year old parents can follow what is going on in my life. My parents are not good on their iPad but I told them how easy it was to follow my blog. Now they can see what I am up too and see pictures of the their great grandchildren. They love it. I do seem to be growing. Did you do anything special to get your blog out there or is it just good writing? I do enjoy your blog.

    • Thank you! For me personally I have picked 3 topics to write about… books, camping and photography. None of which I am great at, just my interests! 😁
      As far as growing my blog, I reach out to other blogs, comment and like many posts that interest me. But for the most part, I invest a great deal of time reading on WordPress.
      That’s all I do really. I’m not sure that is much help.. 😊
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment! ☀️

      • I just have to find more time in my day to read more. I find that like I said in one of my post that I have a seem to start one thing and then go off in a total different direction. The list I started keeping is really helping.

      • That’s something I need to do too! 😊 I am the same way… getting pulled in a million directions.. lol
        I want to start some lists for blog ideas! 👍🏻

  2. I write for a primal need for creative self expression, catharsis…and connecting with like minded souls…

    • Yay! It is fun! ☀️ And I agree it’s really rewarding to connect with new people through our blog! 😁

  3. I love to blog. I don’t have a set goal when I write- I just share a bit about myself each time. I also love trying to keep my posts positively charged. I have even met some very creative people through WordPress.
    Keep up the great blog! I look forward to reading about your many adventures and books.

  4. Your reasons for writing a blog interested me. I started a blog when I was teaching freshman comp and other writing courses at a community college. Those blogs were about a variety of topics, often technology I found useful for my students and fellow teachers. Since I have retired, I need to write to keep my skills sharp, understand my own thinking and reading, and for general good mental health. The blog today is primarily devoted to book reviews, but I will occasionally dip into other subjects. Keep writing!

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