My Afternoon Off!

After everyone settled in for naptime, Ryan gave me the afternoon off! The best gift, time to myself!💗 Love the family, my husband, our kids, and children in my preschool… but nothing beats my time alone!  I hope you make time for yourself too! So important..

I hit a few used bookstores, found 30 more Newbery’s for my challenge! Yay! 🤩I also found a few children’s books for our preschool. A entire box full @ 79¢ each! So fun!


I almost have all of the Newbery Winners! Yay!🤩

After the used bookstore I grabbed an iced coffee to keep me awake, and opened up The Graveyard Book to chapter 4. I was thirsty so I think I drank it too fast…😳caffeine!


I finished Crossover this morning and really enjoyed it! It’s a great basketball story about family and the relationship between twin brothers.

While I am enjoying my afternoon to myself, I started thinking about the change in weather soon to come. What else can I fit into summer before it’s gone? 🤔This month we have a few more weekend camping trips and one last outdoor concert(Rebelution).

I can’t believe kids go back to school in only a month! This time of the year is bitter sweet for me. I love the end of summer and the changing colors on the trees, but I hate to think of colder weather and shorter days…

Ryan gets excited for college football this time of year. Our football team starts practice Friday(he tells me this morning). He is a football nut(Go Ducks)!

What are your plans for the rest of summer(if it is summer where you are)? Are you looking forward to fall? I know summer is only half over… I just always start worrying about it ending way before it does!

Time to pack up my stuff and head home…it’s date night! 😉Have a wonderful Wednesday evening friends! Tomorrow is Friday Eve!! Thanks for reading!


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