Friday Eve!!

What’s cookin this weekend?

Any big plans for the first weekend in August or staying home trying to beat the heat? We will be heading back to the beach to spend a weekend with the kids, my parents and Ryan’s daughter! Paige hasn’t come camping with us in a few years so Ryan’s really looking forward to taking her surfing.


While they surf, me and the boys will be hanging out at camp or the rec center. I am hoping to use my camera a bit, read a few books and fit in a few blog posts! Nothing too exciting, just nerdin’ out at camp!

In the valley where we live, we’re 60 miles inland from the beach. It’s been in the 90’s for two weeks now. But traveling to the beach this weekend it’s likely to be 65 and often times a bit breezy.

We forgot…

Last weekend something, I didn’t mention, we did a horrible job at packing! Luckily we decided to get groceries when we got there and just brought a few items. Those few things were put in the fridge that never was turned on.. so it all spoiled. 😳60AAFB93-44E7-413B-A2B5-4A5D4CAB86BF

Some things like toilet paper for an RV was impossible to find, so we couldn’t use our trailer bathroom. It was a poorly planned trip! But lesson learned, today when I am thinking of the weekend, I am for sure going to pack better with my lists, and make sure that fridge is icy cold before putting anything in it!

What is on your list of weekend plans!? Here is my one tip if your going away for the weekend…

Dont make the same mistakes we made, make a list! – And be sure the fridge is on.🙄

Top 10 Tuesday-What NOT to forget for vacation!

Are you trying to beat the heat? Garden, reading a great book, schedule a few blogs? I’d love to know…

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your Thursday is extra nice to you!☀️


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  1. I did the same you thing you did on our first camping trip this year. Last time I was much more prepared and have the camper now ready for next time, except for fridge good.

    We will be staying home this weekend because David and Dusty, my youngest son of 34, are going to be finishing their paint job. I on the other hand plan to go garage selling with my, oldest daughter of 43, to find grandma house toys for the twins. Sunday will probably be going to church and relaxing.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Sounds like a lovely weekend! I have my adult son coming to play a board game on Sunday he wants me to learn to play.. my adult boys are 24 & 22.
      Ya, I plan to go shopping after work tonight for everything we need! I won’t do that mistake again…I hope! 😊

  2. I wish I was going to the beach! Are the temps there always so cool? We are deep cleaning the house. I hope I have lots of reading time too! We have had so much rain this week I won’t be gardening much. Enjoy your weekend, Lana, and I can’t wait for pics!

    • Thank you! No, not always so chilly, but summer tends to bring in the wind and fog on the Oregon coast. I think fall is the best time of year on our beaches. Sometimes it can get in the 70’s with no wind. Just perfect for me! But not likely this weekend! 😁I hope I get some good pics with my camera! I charged the battery up this morning! 💗

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