Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

We are camping in one of our favorite spots on the Oregon Coast again this weekend(Thousand Trails, South Jetty). We even get WiFi here in section C, which is amazing! As usual we always go out early in the morning to look for wildlife.

Near the Wax Myrtle campground along the Siltcoos River and trail we spotted a fox and two river otters this morning. I was trying to zoom in on the otters when the fox crossed our path right behind us.

I fumbled for a shot and by that time he was gone.🙄 But Friday morning my parents were lucky enough to spot this juvenile black bear just outside of camp.


Young black bear near camp.💕


I love the thick canopy of mature Douglas Firs and Hemlocks in this campground.


Our cozy little campsite. 💗

Hopefully we will spot more wildlife before the weekend’s over…Time to make breakfast!


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  1. Looks like a great camping spot. I can’t believe your parents saw a bear. Bears have been citied all over our neighborhood but have not seen a one this year. Happy camping!

    • We love this spot! 💗I know…I can’t believe it either! I really wanted to see one too! Maybe tomorrow morning we can get lucky! 😁 thank you!

    • I’ve seen a video of that too! If I had seen this bear, I am certain I’d still be fumbling with my camera! 🤣

      • Hope you have a fun weekend. Today is THE first day of no rain in FOREVER!!! Last night we went out and it was supposed to rain but thankfully didn’t so we got to get out a little bit.

      • Yay for no rain! It hasn’t rained here in a few months… but I know once it starts in October, it doesn’t stop until spring.

      • We had a bit of a downer of a day. I kind of ruined it. We went out to the nature park but the horses weren’t where it was wheelchair accessible and so I got all bummed out about my disease and wanted to leave. So then we went somewhere else and the rail was right in the way of my head so I couldnt see much and it was all kind of a bummer but I tried to take some photos anyway. Didn’t get much but there was effort

  2. Looks so peaceful and calm! We live in Washington and went down into Oregon to Seaside Beach a few weeks ago. Absolutely stunning! We’re new to the PNW so we’re still exploring. Thanks for showing us more of what’s around here!

    • Thanks! We love this spot, except we can here the busy road behind us.. but other than that, love it! It’s a little misty this morning… I want the sun to come back! Happy Sunday!

  3. Born and raise in Northern Washington, just south of Canada, and now living in Eugene, Oregon since 1994 I can think of no other place to be.

    I have been to the south and I loved it. Alabama is beautiful. I was in the Northeast a few years back. Maine and Vermont are picture perfect post cards but I’m a North-Western guy. This is who I am and your pictures remind me why I love it so.


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