Sunday Photography

This morning Ryan took his daughter out on the jetty to give her some surfing tips. Unfortunately there was hardly any waves, so she rode in some white water waves to shore to say they got wet and got out of the surf.


Ryan and his daughter Paige.

Then we went back to camp, had lunch and headed to my parents campsite to go for some hikes in bear country. My parents spoke with a camper that talked about all the wildlife in the area. Apparently they have added tracking collars to twenty one bears that live in the area. I am not sure why they added these devices or if it’s even true. But either way, my thoughts on this… there are a lot of bears around here.


This is about where we took an unmarked trailhead for a few miles.

I was hoping to spot one(from a safe distance, of course) but that didn’t happen. I did get some good practice with my new camera on an Egret and huge frog or toad(I have no idea which) I hope you enjoy them…


Duck Moon! 🧐


This frog/toad (whichever) was bigger than my fist! He was huge!


He hunted in this lagoon for the whole day.


I 💗 this one!

Tomorrow we will be taking another morning hike, I hope I can get some more photos! I’m so excited!

Thanks for looking friends, I hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as we are. The weather here rarely hits 70’ with no wind, and today was one of those rare beautiful days. I’m so glad we were here to enjoy it! Where is weekend happy place? Are you some place cool, beating the heat?

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. What’s up with that duck?! Are you afraid of running into a bear?

    Just came back from vacation. It was raining most days but I was so glad it wasn’t too hot that I didn’t care.

    • The duck kept doing that… maybe he was eating? That’s my guess.. I am afraid and excited at the prospect of a bear! 😬 Never fun to come back from vacation… I hope you had a wonderful vacay!

  2. Great photos! I not an expert but I’d say that’s a frog based on the color and the fact that it is in the water. I believe that toads are usually brown and live mostly on land. It’s our been our observation that toads go to the water for mating and lay their eggs there. When the tadpoles hatch they live in the water until they grow legs and loose their tail. Then they make their way to land.

  3. The photos are great. I guess living in Alaska I forget that bears are outside, what we call the lower 48, too. They pass through my property on the Kenai Peninsula every year on the way to the river. We had one on the porch one year. I had them scratch at my tent even when we were driving the haul road one year. I have run into them on trails too. I still prefer to see them from a distance too. Keep enjoying the weekend!

    • Thank you, I’ve been lucky enough to see them cross the highway.. but on your porch? Wow! That’s crazy!

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