More Photos From Our Weekend

These were taken at Siltcoos Recreation Area, south of Florence, Oregon.


I’d love to say this one from my camera, but my mom got this one! So amazing!



This chubby lil squirrel was at the South Jetty. There was 5 in one little area.


Ryan, his daughter Paige, and the boys on our hike.


This is a great photo of how thick the trail was. Like a hobbit hole.


This is a seasonally protected estuary trail for the Snowy Plover, it is closed during their mating season in the spring.

Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful Monday night!


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  1. Wow the bird shot is fantastic but my favorite one is of how thick the trail was ! I love that it does look like a circle ! It truly stirs the imagination !

      • You’ve got it too!! I believe in you! Everything you posted that you took was awesome. The bird is super cool flying though and I just cannot get one even on the action shot/sports shot/ animal in motion shot

  2. Beautiful! We don’t have much wildlife in our area except for a few parks. My husband doesn’t like me going to them alone and he’s not a huge fan of nature (normally the animals we do see are snakes!) Love seeing all of your beautiful photos!

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