Tuesday Night is Guy’s Night Out!

Which is good news for me!

Ryan and the boys go out for Pizza every Tuesday night to bond and give me my time alone at home. We’ve been doing this for about 6 months now and our 11 year old, Joey loves it! Jayden, who is 8, is meh, 🙄at best, he basically tolerates it.

I absolutely LOVE it!💗

I am in heaven when I can be home to myself, and tonight is no different. I have been sitting in my comfy chair, sipping a spiked cranberry seltzer(very low carb), reading blogs, writing a blog or two and reading The Island of the Blue Dolphins.


The weather is too hot to sit outside, it is supposed to be 100’ for a few days straight. But we stay fairly cool inside.

Do you have an evening where you do your own thing? It is one of my favorite nights of the week. I need this time to collect my thoughts, relax and just not have any noise. I sound like an old lady! 🤣 I am…

Ryan is just the opposite, the stereo is always on in the car, and the tv is always on in the house, combine that with our kids and pets, it’s pretty noisy here…and that doesn’t even account for our preschool kids!


My front door mat says it all…

This is why I need Tuesday guy’s night!

If it was a bit cooler outside a nice soak in a hot tub would feel amazing too for a Tuesday evening.

Share with me how you find time for yourself and keep your sanity. At any stage in life I think this is healthy. Whether your a retired couple or working on your degree in school we all need our down time. What is your thing?

Have a great night friends…


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  1. Alone time? What is this thing you speak of? LOL. Maybe when Little man has started school, I can finally have a few hours to myself. When my partner is working lates and both kids are asleep, I guess I have some ‘me’ time. But, until Little Man is in his own room, I can’t count it. Pizza night sounds amazing though. It’s like a win for them and a win for you. Fabulous! 🙂

    • ☀️Exactly, they have fun and I do too! It is super hard to find time when your kiddos are small… hopefully you can get more as he gets older! 🤞🏻😊

  2. I like quiet time on my sunporch in the backyard. I’m so glad you get to have this quiet time. I bet it makes all the difference in the world! ♥️

    • I love the backyard also… but it’s so dang hot right now! It sure does make all the difference… 😁

  3. Alone time is important – so lucky you have it. At my age and stage of time, alone time is the majority, but I still feel like I need to protect it. I have so much to do – write, sketch, pain, read… Silence accompanies whenever I’m alone.

  4. I love my evening alone, i also schedule the occasional night away on my own which is total bliss. Doing art, museums or craft fairs, watch what I like on TV and just recharge.

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