The struggles of gardening during camping season

The problem is…

I love camping just as much way more than I love gardening! But when I am home during the week I love tending to our tiny space out back, nurturing the plants, watching them grow waiting for the hummingbirds to come. I especially enjoy sitting in our Adirondack chairs with a glass of wine listening to some blues music with Ryan in the evening, watching planes land.


In the late spring I posted my vertical gardening plan. For the most part it has worked great, I’ll explain in just a minute…

I used gutters and attached them to the tops of our cyclone fence with zip-ties. I planted a row of herbs, lettuce and spinach. 


Our herb garden that we planted late spring.


I thought I had it all in place for our sprinkler timers, the coverage was good, I made sure to allow plenty of water, set to come on every 8 hours for 15 minutes.

Again, I thought I had it figured out.

What actually happened was, every time the timer kicked on the sprinkler jolted and moved just a little bit. By the end of our two week trip(the weather being upper 80’s) the sprinkler had wiggled enough to not hit any of my baskets, my cucumbers or the lettuce and spinach gutters.

I was so sad when we go home that I didn’t go back their for a few weeks. The sprinkler timer was still on, nothing else was going to die, so I do what  normally do when something doesn’t feel very good, I pretend it isn’t there. 😳

Forward to this week

We finally reclaimed our backyard and got our garden producing and inviting us outside once again.  Bye-bye weeds, and spiderwebs! I still need to do a little deadheading, but we’ve fertilized, and I am finally out of my gardening slump!

The dogs are glad too! They like to sniff around and lay in the nice breeze.




There not real big carrots, but they taste amazing! I’m going to plant more this week along with more lettuce in our gutters.



My absolutely favorite color!❤️



Ryan’s done a lot of work back here for me, he’s been a trooper! ❤️

To wrap up my update, two thumbs up on the vertical garden, gutter idea! Just be sure to secure your sprinklers if you put them on a timer if your going to be on vacation!

Have a wonderful night everyone! Thanks for following along! 


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  1. This is my problem! When I’m home I love taking care of my plants, but then I’m gone for part of the summer and I come home to dead plants:( This year I resisted planting everything and maybe I’ll try Fall planting.

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