Friday! Friday! Finally!

We’ve made it to the weekend again! Yes!!

Unfortuantely we will be staying home once again. We’ve taken our RV in now for the fourth time since Memorial weekend with furnace issues and it is brand new! If we do not get this furnace issue resolved this time we are going to have a huge problem.😳2BBE5C90-1747-4963-807E-10CAB48239D7

So as for weekend plans, we are in the planning mode right now. We are hoping take some wildlife pictures on a hike or two, adding a few things to our garden and possibly going to a Scandinavian Festival early Saturday for some yummy food!

I have a few blog post ideas, we may visit the Saturday market and the highlight of our weekend’s at home always seem to be lunch outside somewhere fun on Saturday! Then there’s always as much reading as I can fit it, of course!7136ECF1-FCC7-4787-8D78-0DE3FC4BBFEC

What do you have planned?

Any festivals or exciting plans? Do you have a book you’ve been dying to finish up? Maybe get caught up on gardening? Share with me what your plans are… whatever it is, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I live for weekends! haha I guess many of us do. 🙂 That’s a bummer about your RV furnace, what a pain! I hope it gets resolved soon.

    This weekend I’ll be running some errands with my 18-21 year olds. Eye doc appointments, bank stuff, canceling a gym membership in their name but for which I pay for… basically divorcing my kids lol Joking! After that, it’s relish making time. I still need to decide on ingredients for my recipe idea! I better get on it. Hope you have a grand weekend. 🙂

    • Oh boy that sounds like a busy weekend! I hope you do a post on your relish, that sounds super interesting!😁

  2. I hope you get the RV fixed soon! What a bummer! I can’t wait to see the pics of what you did! We have a busy weekend of stuff planned around the house and hopefully some time to read! Happy weekend, Lana!

  3. Sorry to hear you are having frustrations with your RV. We bought used, so the kinks were mostly worked out. I am inspired by how much you read, and feeling a little lax about my habit. Still working on an audio book that I’m not really committed to. Maybe I’ll shift gears and start something else.
    We are having our six-year-old granddaughter come stay for the weekend – first time in our new house. We’ll see how that goes.
    Enjoy your weekend and look forward to your Sunday pics.

    • Thank you! Having a granddaughter for the weekend sounds lovely!💕 we got a call today, the furnace has just been recalled. Haha that’s our luck. I remember you suggesting I buy something used… now I know why.. 😂

  4. Oh boy, that is totally unacceptable on the camper front. The whole reason you bought it was to use at weekends and you’ve now missed several. The very LEAST they could do is arrange a loaner.

  5. I hope you solve your RV woes! A Scandinavian festival sounds fun. I went to one of those earlier this year and there was yummy food. My plan this weekend is to host 13-15 little girls between 4 and 11-years old on Saturday with a movie and pizza party. They’re going to watch Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks. It’s too stickin’ hot here in Utah to do much outside. 😕 I’m also finishing up Jane Austen’s Emma and homeschool planning.

  6. Those RVs can be rather tricky to troubleshoot and repair. I just returned from a few days at a lake campground and had to improvise retracting my leveling jacks and slide-out. They seem to create stress within happy times but it’s still nice to get out. Hope your furnace repairs work this time. 🙂

    • Oh boy, that does sound tricky… we found out today part of the furnace has been recalled. So we’re hoping they know what is causing the problem now. Thanks for your comment. 😁

      • That’s good that it should be covered by the recall. These things will give problems whether new or previously owned. We just have to adapt each time to the challenges as they are moving houses.

      • Thanks for commenting Ron, Yes and we picked it up yesterday afternoon! we have yet to try to heater!! lol crossing my fingers…

    • I am so glad to hear that! I am a bit jealous! 😁It was hard to not be camping this past weekend…wild blueberries!? Wow!

      • Yes I will be posted photos later when I get around to it. I am really beat. Might have something to do with picking berries in the rain.

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