Saturday Market…Eugene, Oregon

What to do on a weekend at home?

We just couldn’t decide on what to do today, it was a toss up between picking peaches, the Scandinavian Festival, the Saturday Market or just hanging out at home.

Saturday Market it is!!

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It wasn’t too hot today for the first time in weeks, and the Saturday Market was hopping! We usually miss out on the market since we’re always camping, so we took the opportunity to surround ourselves with some hometown culture.

If you haven’t visited Eugene before, we are known for being quite the hippie capital. You can find everything at our market, taking up about three city blocks. We walked past pottery booths, tye-dye clothing, homemade candles and soaps, walking sticks, woodcarvings, jewelry and all types of art and food booths. You can even pay for a psychic reading or have your tarot cards read.


Walking sticks


Tons of organic produce stands


I am wishing I would have bought a bouquet of sunflowers now that I’m home.


Succulents and herbs


Psychic readings, out of a van? I want to know how many games the Ducks will win this football season?


Tarot readings anyone?


I really wanted one of these tiny wooden boxes for my earrings, this lady was so sweet and friendly.


One of many pottery booths


Colorful candles


My dad always has a walking stick he found on the beach with him, so we got him one of these artistic one… hoping he likes it!


I’m almost positive, my dad does not read my blog… so I’m safe showing off his walking stick. 😊

After the market we made a quick stop for a beer at the Beergarden, then we headed home to tend to some gardening and enjoy the evening.

How have you enjoyed your Saturday? I’d love to hear about it… Maybe we will hit the festival tomorrow. Have a great night friends!


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  1. Any good large bookstores in Eugene -other than- Barnes n Noble? I’ve never been to downtown Eugene.

    Ever been in a pounding rainstorm in Florence, Oregon? Is Newport more fun? I’ve noticed that once you pass Eugene, going south on Interstate 5, that it’s a whole different “vibe”. Any thoughts on Roseburg or Coos Bay?

    I found a website I’ll share: 🙂

    • We have one, but it’s mostly used books. Smith Family Bookstore has new and used titles and they are downtown Eugene.
      Yes!! To rain in Florence and I do prefer Newport over Florence. As to the vibe South of Eugene… yes, very different! I would say much more conservative as you travel south. ☀️

  2. Your dad does’t read your blog but I do. What an awesome gift you guys got for dad. He will love it! I won’t say anything! Love mom

    • LOL! Sheesh! I didn’t know you’d read this while your camping mom… ok, don’t say anything! I can’t wait to give it to him!❤️

  3. This looks like so much fun! I love that the psychic had his dog on a nice mat! And the van! And the succulents and flowers…I would have bought stuff. You are so good, Lana! And I love the walking stick you got your dad. It’s beautiful and so thoughtful! What a wonderful day!

  4. So neat!! Every week, I look forward to visiting the farmers market, though the one in Eugene seems to have MUCH cooler stuff than mine, which is basically limited to produce and baked goods. Looks like such fun!!

    • It’s very entertaining! Lots of amazing goods… but we also enjoy the smaller markets. They all seem to have their own vibe. ☀️ We visit many on the coast too…

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