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For some reason my 4 am post this morning was not showing up in my reader or any of the categories. So I decided to repost my Last Stop on Market Street Review. I still don’t see it in my reader, so you can find it st the link above.  If for some reason it does show up twice on yours my apologies.

Has anyone ever had this trouble from WordPress before? I posted it in children’s books and a few other categories and it was no where to be found?!😳

Very strange…


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  1. I have not had issues in this regard, but I have not went looking for my posts either. I know that they are not going to my FB anymore without my sharing them because of privacy policy changes with FB on August 1st, but that should not affect on WP. Sorry. Praying for you! God loves you, Lana!

  2. I sometimes schedule posts ahead of time and this is something I always worry about. I’ll like jump on as soon as I can from the time the post was supposed to go up to make sure it’s there and shows up fine. lol

  3. Hi Lana! I’m certainly no WP expert, but I have noticed two things that keep my blogs from showing up as I expect.

    1. If I have more than 12 tags, WP will not put my post my blog. I have to go delete a tag or two to get them down to 12 or fewer. I don’t understand this, but it seems to be a real thing.

    2. Apparently there is a time zone or Daylight Savings Time setting that I haven’t found yet. When I schedule a post to show up at, say, 8 AM, it won’t show up until 9 AM. I’ll figure it out one of these days. Right after I get my home clocks to stop blinking 12:00.

    Happy blogging! And thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. 🙂

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