Goodreads Reading Goal Complete!

I have been on Goodreads for many years, 7 or 8 maybe and I have never seen confetti fall!

But tonight, I did! 😎

I made my goal of 52 books this year. ❤️Some books have been children’s books(my secondary goal of reading every Newbery), but I still am super excited that I hit my goal! Maybe I can get to 100!


What are your reading goals this year? Are you on track? I am celebrating! 🥂

Here is my list of books I’ve read this year…

  • The Girl Who Drank The Moon(Newbery)
  • Wonder
  • The Thing About Jellyfish
  • The Bluezones of Happiness
  • The Witch’s Boy
  • Food Can Fix It
  • A Discovery of Witches
  • Iron Hearted Violet
  • The Hypnotist’s Love Story
  • Oola: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World
  • The Mostly True Story of Jack
  • Beautiful Ruins
  • Counting By 7’s
  • Ready Player One
  • Practical Magic
  • The Woman in the Window
  • The Wild Robot
  • Fangirl A51226A0-3A3F-48A5-B592-62B0FE1CB293
  • The Sun is Also a Star
  • The Bone Witch
  • The Lightning Thief
  • Gunslinger Girl
  • Shoe Dog
  • Us Against You
  • Caraval
  • The Song of Achilles 
  • The Perfect Couple
  • The Giver(Newbery)
  • Camino Island
  • Sounder(Newbery)
  • Hello, Universe(Newbery)
  • The One and Only Ivan(Newbery)
  • Dear Mr Henshaw(Newbery)
  • The Whipping Boy(Newbery)
  • Call it Courage(Newbery)
  •  Missing May(Newbery)
  • The Crossover(Newbery)
  • Number the Stars(Newbery)
  • The Graveyard Book(Newbery)
  • Sarah, Plain and Tall(Newbery)
  • Island of the Blue Dolphins(Newbery)
  • Last Stop On Market Street(Newbery)
  • The White Stag(Newbery)
  • The President is Missing
  • Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices From a Medieval Village(Newbery)
  • Rabbit Hill(Newbery)

Tell me about your reading goals for 2018! Are you on track? What has been your favorite book of the year? I would have to say my favorite book was the very first book I read this year…. The Girl Who Drank the Moon. I may even reread it.😊

Happy reading friends!



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    • 12 is still a lot for being in school! When I was still in school I maybe read one. Lol ❤️ That’s awesome!

  1. Congratulations on meeting your goal. I don’t have a goal but I did just buy The Girl Who Drank the Moon I am saving it for David to read to me at night. We just started one before it got here, so it will be a little bit before we start it.

    • I hope you like it… I love strong grandmotherly characters in books… reminds me of my grandma. ❤️ Please let me know if you both like it!

  2. I am an avid reader and am always looking for new authors and books to read. I just started “The Perfect Couple”. From your list what has been your favorite?

    • That’s a fun one.. I have a soft spot for grandmotherly characters so I really enjoyed The Girl Who Drank the Moon. It was the Newbery winner from 2017, and probably inspired me to read all the Newbery winners. But beside falling in love with that book, another one that was a lot of fun this year was Moriarty’s The hypnotists love story! ☀️

    • Awesome, thanks for sharing that! I’ve definitely seen plenty of that title around. I will have to add it to my list! ❤️ thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Ive never set a reading goal. It would be unrealistic for me because I can’t not read – I need a goal to read less if anything! Reading is like breathing to me. It’s essential, not a choice!
    Well done on your goal! Is your new goal 100?

    • I think so… I think it’s realistic given how short some of the Newbery’s are.. ☀️ I’m the same way. But I have had more time this year to read then in the past!

  4. Well done on reaching your goal! I love reading other lists of books people have read, gives me so much inspiration! I’m aiming for 20 this year as that’s pretty realistic for me at the moment. 😊💜

    • Thank you! Awesome! 😊I love book lists too! Some years I’ve been so busy I’ve maybe read 5… lol happy Reading!

    • Awesome! That’s really good! 😊I feel like I’ve cheated a bit since the last few weeks I’ve been reading chapter books… while I go through all the Newbery winners..

  5. Congratulations! I was wondering how many of the books you read I read as well, and it’s only one, namely Sarah, Plain and Tall… I had a hard time making it through because it is so difficult to read and cry at the same time. 😐

    • Yes, it is a sad and sweet story. You should read some of the newbery books… they are worth the time… 😁

      • I have, in fact. This summer I came across books by the author Eloise Jarvis McGraw who appears to have won 3 Newberry Honors, and I read her “Moorchild” and “The Golden Goblet” – very recommendable books indeed, especially “Moorchild”. Happy Reading!

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