A stolen bike…

Joey’s bike was stolen in July

A week after we came back from vacation someone stole his bike right from our driveway. He has went the last few weeks without a bike, until today. Ryan and Joe went to pick out a new one. Any one of us not having a bike, really puts a kink in the family bike rides for the remainder of summer.


This was before the duct taped look… 

The strange part of it being stolen is that he had wrapped duct tape all over it! It looked ridiculous!!😳


Stolen bikes…😔 something that sadly seems to happen to most of us at one time or another.

My bike story….

When I was about 10 years old I had a silver 10 speed(my first bike with gears and hand brakes😎), nothing fancy, just probably whatever was on sale for my birthday.

For some reason, I decided to wrote my name, “LANA” on my handle bars in hot pink, nail polish.  I remember my parents didn’t think it was my smartest move. Especially since my bike was still new, and here I am, already repainting it.

When I was a kid the fun thing to do was ride your bike, that was it. If you were lucky enough to have a dollar, you could go down to the nearest market and blow it on candy, bubble gum, or show off your Ms Pac-Man or Centipede skills at the bowling alley, but you didn’t walk anywhere, you needed your bike!

Then my bike was stolen one day…

Nowhere to be found…

The next day, someone calls my parents from the market down the street, someone found my bike and a friend of mine recognized the pretty nail polish! 😏 Guess Who was feeling pretty smart that day?

Forward to today and my son’s new bike is bright orange! 🙄Why he wanted an orange bike, I’ll never know, even hot pink nail polish would be an improvement! I hope this one doesn’t get stolen too…C808DCA8-3516-4A53-94B5-203DBECE2E97.jpeg

Do you have any bike stories? Do you remember your first bike? I’d love to hear your stories!!

Thanks for reading along. Have an awesome Thursday!


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  1. Hopefully this one will never get stolen…
    No bike stories, just learning to love biking now – primarily the feeling of moving through the wind… 🙂

  2. I have a bike but can’t ride it right now with this bum knee, looooong story. Anyway, we loved going up to Motts Five $ Dime when we were kids, the only place Mom let us ride our bikes to. We would do like you said and blow our allowance on candy and gum. Then one day, we tried to run away, our dogs were stopping traffic on grapevine hwy. we had our suitcases on our handlebars, think the cops that stopped ya knew what we were doing? 🤣🤣🤣

    • Oh my… wow! what a story! Haha ya I think every kid dreams of running away at some point… fun stories.

  3. My older son, an adult who has autism, relies on his bike to get around. A couple of years ago it was stolen from the bus transfer center where he had locked it up while he was using the bus system in our smallish town. A week later we got a call from the local police that they had his bike. Apparently, an officer recognized it being ridden by a suspicious-looking guy. The officer not only retrieved the bike, but chewed the guy out for stealing from a special needs person who relied on the bike to get around. We were told the suspect was very apologetic, tearing up as he realized what he had done.

    • Wow, I’m so glad your son got his bike back! That is awesome the officer recognized the situation… 💗

  4. I remember my first bike. I got this beautiful blue Schwinn for Christmas. Back in the old days they didn’t have the small bikes that we start our children off on now. They were big, full size bikes. I think I was in first grade. I remember we would go to the bowling alley too but it was to play pinball, since video games were not invented yet. Yes, I am showing my age. This was the only bike I had until in high school my Dad and I got a 10 speed that we shared, since he hardly ever road it, I got it most of the time. We had moved to a small town by then and it was everyone’s way of getting around until you got a car or could borrow your parents. We would ride to the park where we could hangout on the river. Bikes gave you freedom!

    • Awesome! They sure did give you freedom! I loved my bike so much! I love that! Thanks for sharing with me…😍

  5. No bikes for me! Had both knees replaced last year and the only bike I can ride is the therapy kind in my basement…lol So sorry the bike was stolen! Some people think it’s OK to help themselves to other people’s hard earned money!

  6. Ugh! Thanks for the story. I had a bike stolen. I had it chained to a tree, and the thieves cut the tress down to get the bike! I was actually more upset about the tree than the junky bike that I only paid $50 for. Glad you all are riding again. Cheers!

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