Throwback Thursday: Let me introduce you to my family

First let me say..

Since I’ve been blogging for a few months now, I figured I’d introduce you all to my family. Not just Ryan and the 2 boys but my family that is usually camping or celebrating life with us.

Ryan has 2 older children and so do I, that we do not see very often. Hopefully that will change one day but for now they aren’t in many of our blogs as they are out finding their way in the world.

Ok so here we go… My Family.


This is my dad, Kent. He met my mom when I was almost 2 years old and they will celebrate their 40th anniversary this December. He is usually being a wise guy at someone else’s expense. He thinks he’s funnier than he really is!😜 But it’s all just for show, deep down he is the most caring and dependable dad we could ask for.

He is the best, despite his orneriness. 😉 He usually is walking around with a beer in his hand wearing a duck shirt…


This is my younger brother Brodie. I am the oldest in my family. Brodie is one of the most competitive and charismatic people I know! He loves all sports football, basketball, golf, disc golf, bowling, horseshoes, softball… I could go on and on.

He cuts the sleeves off all his tee shirts, so this is his look. In this picture he is beating me at cribbage. He’s usually lucky enough to always pull out the win. We’re camping now, but when he cleans up a bit, his green eyes are amazing.


This is my nephew Miles(Brodie’s son). He just turned 14 years old 2 weeks ago and took a trip to DC with his class. What can I say about Miles, he is the most well-mannered, likable kids around((much calmer than my boys). He’s always polite, stays out of trouble and just look at how handsome he is! Love that kid!


This is the crazy hippie I’m always talking about, my husband Ryan. He’s so handsome, isn’t he? He and I, we are lucky to have found each other. We make a pretty good team… he is usually smiling like he is now. 😍


This lady is my mother, Fay! This is the lovely face behind all the wonderful Sunday Photography posts. My mom always has her little dog Ois in her arms. She is always there for her family, we just want her to retire and start taking life a bit easier. She is a medical social worker and is amazing at helping people!

She usually has one of these fancy drinks with her as well, and I should have gotten a photo of her with her hair down. It’s the prettiest platinum, she’s so beautiful!

These two weasels are Jayden and Joey. Jayden is 8 and Joey will be 11 at the end of July. Jayden struggles with some developmental disabilities but makes up for it with his huge personality. He can do the “floss” dance like nobody’s business! 🤣

Joey just started homeschooling this past year. He loves sports and just found a new interest in chess. All you have to do is ask, and he will show off his muscles! He is pretty competitive!

There you have it…

That’s my quirky family, that hangs out together for birthday’s and camping trips. Ryan has a much larger family than I do but doesn’t get to see as often. My family is really small but I’m grateful for having them, even though sometimes they can be a pain. 😆

Thanks for sticking around to meet my family. Tell me about you, What is family for you? Do you have a huge family with lots of get-togethers? Or is your family made up of some close personal friends…  💗 Have a wonderful day friends!


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  1. Y’all look like a fabulous family who has much fun together! Your hubby is a hottie! Lucky girl!! Enjoy them, they are all you have. Our family is pretty close too but a beach vacation together is all we have done as a unit. And that was just David’s side of the family. In fact, I’m on vacation with his brother and his wife, their son Stephen, and her granddaughter Kaebree! My hubby couldn’t come because he just changed jobs. We do quite a bit together now that Dave’s older brother is gone. My mom passed in 2014 and so did David’s dad. Charlie passed unexpectedly the next year. Now we try to spend as much time together with them, my Dad and my brother as we can. It really is what’s most important. Glad to meet yours!

    • Thank you so much for sharing a bit about your family! I do feel lucky! And your so right… family is what’s important! 🤗🤗🤗

  2. Great looking family.

    I will start with my parents, U. A. and Marian, who will be 90 this year and in great health for their age. Dad goes by U. A. which stands for Ulysses Anthony. He never did like his first name. I guess he should be lucky he was not one of his older brother’s, Udo or Usto. It will be 70 year anniversary in December

    I am the oldest in my family with a brother, Ken, 7 years younger than me and a sister, Dina, who is 16 years younger than me. Dina’s kids are younger than some of my grandchildren. She is only 3 years older than my oldest son, Jared.

    I have five children age 44 to 35. The boys have not had their birthday yet this year but will be this old by the end of the year. Jared is the oldest, then the two girls, Heather and Sarah, next the two little boys Cade and Dusty.

    I have 12 grandchildren ages 28 years to 6 months.

    So as you can see I have a full life and a huge family.

    • 😍wow! I am amazed by your entire family! 70 yr anniversary! Parents are almost 90?! And 5 children all within 10 or so years! You sure do have a full life! 💗

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