Saturday morning with our camera and coffee..

At the same spot my parents spotted the bear a few weeks ago, this lil fella looked right at me.


It’s a tad blurry, but I’m just happy it isn’t a dot on the screen like it was this summer taking photos with my iPad! 🤣 I believe he’s a red fox, but he has gray on him too…

What I was taking pictures of before I saw the fox…

this beaver sitting on a log.


So fun having my camera! I still only know how to use the basic features… but I’m sure I’ll continue to learn. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow morning.

Thanks for taking a peak!

Enjoy your Saturday friends!


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  1. Oh, I love these! For a red fox, he’s not very red? He’s an interesting looking little guy! I had one come right up to me in Alaska, and the tour guide got frustrated with me because I didn’t shoo him away. I didn’t try to pet him either! 😂 The picture with the beaver is beautiful. It looks like a painting, and you should definitely frame that one. Can’t wait to see more! ♥️

  2. ..? Nice to see some Wildlife but–
    One begins to wonder if it really is safe to walk on hiking trails.

    Where was this? What was your nearest city?
    I still love the Ocean.

    • This is at Siltcoos Recreation Area, nearest town is Florence 8600 population, on the Oregon coast. Hiking these trails my dad always carries bear spray and a walking stick.

  3. I love seeing wildlife in their natural background, instead of the cow moose that lays in my front yard in the winter. It meant so much more when I lived in the woods and the moose, bears, and other wildlife lived with us in peace and harmony.

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