Sidewalk Chalk Contest At Camp

We packed a bunch into our day near Florence…

We started out his morning at 6 am searching for wildlife, and we caught a juvenile fox and three beavers. Then we came back to camp feeling pretty accomplished.😎 I just love seeing animals early in the morning, I get super pumped! Then Ryan tried his luck surfing while I posted my photo blog…here.

Then we all headed down to the beach and I watched  boats and seal lions while the boys played on the beach. It was a beautiful day, but windy!


We saw these two on the way to lunch.

We had a quick lunch, and headed back to camp for a sidewalk chalk contest, which even Ryan and I took part in. It was actually super fun! Unfortunately we did not bribe the judges enough… no one in our family one a prize. 😏



Joey’s robot 🤖



My 100 days of campin…


Ryan’s go ducks!



Jayden’s Godzilla artwork.

Then we had dinner the kids got ready to watch Coco at the lodge. They had a blast today and have been going nonstop all day! They should pass out pretty  fast tonight(in theory).

We didn’t see anything too exciting after our morning photos, we saw a small snake cross our trail on a hike, 2 little frogs in the lagoon, a salamander swimming along the bottom of it and one blue heron swooped in over the lagoon but never landed. One nice thing about seeing the snake… the boys let me lead the way after that. Thank you to the snake! 🐍 

Leasing a site

We love this campground so much Ryan and I have been considering s lease option for the next year which would allow us to keep our RV on our own site all year. This would make coming over for the weekend a breeze! Sometimes when we get out of town late, we’re scrambling to find a good site and it sometimes adds a little bit of stress to the trip.

It was fun going through the whole campground looking at each site and seeing which ones were our favorite. Some were really wooded which wouldn’t get much sun and might effect internet service and I’d probably worry about the tall trees during winter when it tends to be super windy.

Also we wanted to be close to the lodge where the kids tend to spend a great deal of their time. We are trying to decide still…. it’s a big decision for us!

How did you make the most of your Saturday? Did you finish a great book, have a bbq, or maybe check out a festival? I ❤️ Hearing about it!


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  1. My Saturday was very low key- I continued to paint Little Library- worked on a blog- watched a movie with my husband and did some laundry. It sounds like you had a great day! Love the deer shots! Every time I try to get a picture of them in our town they see me and my iPhone and prance off ‘Not today Irene….’ – So rude.

    • That sounds like a lovely Saturday! Haha I feel that way too sometimes with wildlife shots! My mother tends to have better luck than I do.

      • I think I need a better camera. I was able to creep really close to these deer on the old rail tracks (I mean what a great shot it would have been!) and I snapped but my stupid iPhone took the photo and the deer were partly invisible!!! I turned to my husband and was like ‘You saw them right? They aren’t ghost deer? Look at this photo!!’- I have no luck!! LOL

      • Haha.. 🤣too funny! I would take a photo with my iPad of animals on vacation and it would end up as a dot, because I was just so far away. I like adding photography to our camping, booky blog! This morning we went out at 6 am, but didn’t see much. Maybe next weekend… 😁Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Not sure if it’s just me but some of the pictures are upside-down. I have to say, they look a lot more artistic that way, especially with the shadows! xD

    • Darn WordPress… lol ok thank you for letting me know! WordPress likes to play tricks on my photos! 🤣

  3. What a great Saturday you had. We stayed home and just got some things done here, like getting the tree that blew down cut up and loaded in the son’s truck to go to the dump. I sure miss the days when we would have a bonfire with the limbs instead. Well that is city living.

  4. Sounds like a great place. We remember our visit to that part of the world with great fondness – so beautiful. Leasing a spot also sounds good – simplifying life.

  5. Lowe the lion and the robot drawings ! Side walk art is always fun ! I would think that ya’ll are pretty attached to the rv and although leasing a spot might sound like a good idea you’d be leaving your ready to roll rv behind. With that done your spontaneous travel ideas would come to a halt by a parked rv. You might make a list of all the places ya’ll have gone to and then shorten the list to the places you would like to revisit and then make a list of where you would like to visit. This might help ya’ll decide.

  6. How fun!!!! I’ve just been sorting through the kids’ shelves and found a ton of sidewalk chalk. Maybe I should host a contest too! Lol

  7. Love seeing your day! The artwork is so good and the animals! Exciting about the lease! Will you move it when you want to go to other places, or will you keep it there all the time? I have caught up on reading and blog stuff! A nice rainy day! ♥️

    • We have decided to do the lease! We will most likely try to commit to this location through the fall and winter… we are very excited to fix our site up the way we want to! Awe… I’d love to have a Rainy day! We haven’t had rain since I think early June! It’s always nice to get a day off from watering!😉

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