Inspiration for Monday

If your anything like me, you over worry, over think and stress on too many things beyond your control!

So stop that! 🤨

All that anxiety is completley wasted energy! Yet I do it daily!🙄It helps nothing…and that is just one of the tips I try to remind myself when I start going down that path…Source of stress arrows

I’ve been wanting to start writing an inspiring piece on Monday’s for a while and after my rough week I had last week, I had my tip to share.

Back in the 90’s when Oprah and Dr Phil we’re the afternoon hit, I loved watching them when I could. I’m not much of a tv person but once in a while… Dr Phil was a bit abrupt with his guests but sometimes he was on point! Something he said one time, I’m not sure if it was on his show or in his book but it went something like this…


Take for example anything that your really worried about, let’s say losing your job. That’s a big stressor. Ok, what if you lose your job? Then what? What will you do? You will probably have to update your resume and find a new job! Right?

What else? What if you owe more on your taxes this year than you can afford? Well… What if? What then? You’d probably have to borrow the money or make some type of payment arrangements…

I know these are pretty generalized ideas, but this has really helped me.

For some reason for me, when I play this “what if “ conversation with myself, I realize it’s not going to be the end of the world. Whatever happens, we will get through it, and sometimes it’s the worrying of the unknown that is the hardest on me.

So give it a shot, the next time you’re really stuck worrying on something, play out your what if? And see if it helps you too!

Have a great Monday friends!



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  1. “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” is how my mother would phrase it. Putting it in that perspective helps chase the illogical fear away, although worry is hard to banish. Great post.

  2. I guess I am just older but I just don’t really stress much any more. I have found it is a waist of my time. I have Fibromyalgia and know that the minute I start to stress I will start to hurt. It teaches you pretty fast not to stress. When I do I take a couple of deep breaths and remember that everything happens for a reason. Then I move on. This works well for me. Really live you What if? plan too.

    • I think your right, it comes easier with age. I stress over things much less than when I was younger, but I know I can be better! For me my stressors are mainly tied to running my small business, budgeting, and my children.

  3. That “What If” advice works for every day of the week. Thanks, Lana, and thanks for visiting JanBeek and clicking the “like” button. I asked “Who can you help today?” and you helped me already with your visit and affirmation. Thank you!

    • It’s great advice… thinking of others instead of just ourselves. I’m enjoy your positive energy! It helps me! 🤗 and I’m glad you liked my “what if” tip I use… it def helps me struggling with anxiety. Have a great afternoon!

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