10 Ways We‘re Simplifying Our Life (Top 10 Tuesday)

Living in the moment and trying to make the most of everyday is something Ryan and I(try to) live by, but sometimes life is still so hectic and stressful.BBA60402-FCEC-4A34-8E3D-084AAF1335E2.jpeg

Lately we’ve made some decisions on making things a little less stressful.

Here it is…

  • Cut down on spending. Its no surprise to anyone that, the more money we make, the more we spend. Making a few cuts here and there can free up some time for you, or in our situation just lighten our preschool load, and make each day more enjoyable and successful.
  • Keeping a schedule. We have days set aside for family time, date nights and boys’ night. Having this schedule helps us not forget what’s important to all of us.
  • Keeping our commuting time to a minimum. This is easier for us in that we work from home. But we do travel a lot each weekend.
  • Hire a housekeeper(as we can afford it). When I’m super stressed, nothing helps relieve that like a clean house, I can’t stress enough the benefits of having a housekeeper once in a while. We have someone come once a month for about 3-4 hours.


    What if my kids aren’t sparking joy?😳 (kidding!)

  • Make household purchases online when you can. I am not a shopper, unless that means at the bookstore or garden center. I order many things from Amazon so I can place an order when I think of it and in two days, I know it will be here. Plus this keeps me from buying all the other things I see when I’m out walking the isles.
  • Buy in bulk. This might not apply to many of you, but for Ryan and I we are a family of four, serving up to 13 preschoolers three meals a day. That’s a lot of meals. So we save time on shopping by hitting Costco once a month.
  • Limit social obligations, even with family if needed. I am for the most part a loner. I absolutely need, first and foremost, my time alone, then my time alone with Ryan, and then my time alone with my family. Anything beyond that is limited. I’m an introvert, I don’t need a lot of social connections. I get a lot of that from you bloggers!🤗
  • Work from home if possible. I’ve always worked from home, and I can’t see me doing anything different. I’d love to someday become a fulltime blogger, but I have yet to make my first dollar, so eh… 😐Working from home saves hours spent commuting each week, and you can fit in a load of laundry here and there.
  • Work together if possible. This might seem weird to couples, but for Ryan and I, we work great together. One huge perk is, we have the exact same schedule and the exact same vacation days. When we have a light day, we can each have a few hours off.
  • Remove meaningless distractions for you and your family. I do not consider WP a meaningless distraction at all, but I would argue that Facebook is, and so are many programs on TV and apps on your smart phone. Just make sure it’s not keeping you from doing something that’s more meaningful to you.

Recently, Ryan and I decided to make a big change with our traveling each weekend and vacation. We belong to Thousand Trails, a nationwide camping resort. We like to travel around the state each weekend, but we seem to be always loading or unloading the trailer.

Starting next month we will be leasing a campsite at the South Jetty campground. This will allow us to leave our RV there all year.

It’s very new to our family and we’re hoping it will simplify our weekends and family time.

What are the ways you simplify your life? Have a wonderful Tuesday!💗

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  1. Don’t feel bad, I have taken courses and applied what I learned and still have made no money yet either! So what do you do from home? Other kinds of writing? Are you a VA? inqiuring (and broke) minds want to know! 🙂

    • 😁I run a home-based preschool. I have been for about 20+ years. And about 3 years ago Ryan left his job to do it with me. We watch up to 13 kids at a time.

      • We don’t always have 13, but in the summer we do. During the school year we will usually have 8-10 preschoolers and my 11 year old is homeschooled and he spends 3 days at a coop learning center, and my 8 yr old has learning and developmental disabilities so…we are constantly busy. That’s a big reason why we camp so much! 😊

      • Thank goodness you are young! I’m too old and set in my ways, too obsessive/compulsive, and too impatient for all that. Maybe that is why God is waiting to give me grandchildren I can actually see. 😊😉

  2. I do think the place to store the RV is going to work out nice for you. The park looks wonderful and it will be nice to just drive there when on Friday after work and everything be sit up. It is crazy trying to through things into the camper so you can get off. I keep a lot of things in the camper at all times but there is always the food that has to go in and other things I can’t keep in it at all times. I have started putting it on my checklist when I know we are going, so I won’t forget things. Sometimes though I forget to put it on the checklist.

    I have not really worked away from home either. I was a stay at home Mom who homeschooled her 5 children. I think homeschooling is great. My kids were so much more advanced than the ones that went to public school.

    I started my checklist and I think that it has simplified my life. I look at it in the morning and then when I go to bed at night I can see I really did get a lot done that day. It seems to keep me from getting side tracked.

    • I homeschooled my oldest two boys in addition to Joey now… I am so impressed you homeschooled all 5! 💗🤩
      I do have a checklist too! And we are soooo excited to decorate the site! We have the site all picked out and Ryan has all these plans for a fancy fire pit and new gravel put down and lots of ideas! Haha He’s going crazy with ideas! 😁 And yes I am thrilled to not have to pack as much! I can keep so much of our stuff in it and it can be like a cabin at the beach for us! 💗

  3. I did go cold turkey with Facebook because I found I constantly turned to it when I felt bored. Well, now when I have a little free time, I fill it with reading for and writing my blog Furry Tales. So much more satisfying! These are all great ideas (a cleaning service?! What a concept.).

  4. I have health restrictions that impose their own simplifications on my life. I do most shopping online, especially around the Christmas period. Face shops then? No thanks!

  5. Your list sounds like a doable plan. I home schooled our 11 children plus half the neighborhood kiddo’s as well. All of our children ranked beyond the average curriculum standards. My home was never a dull moment nor quiet. We did at one point impose a rule about birthday parties. We had many at home for other folks children instead of at their homes; Why? Our eldest daughter went, and came home followed by a livestock trailer. In that trailer was 3 Llama’s, one zebra, 4 dogs, and one baby African elephant. Oh-and a camel. Never again!
    Costco is a life saver, as is Home Depot {my favorite place to shop}.

    • Wow! That’s a lot! 11 homeschooled children?! That’s so impressive, I’m amazed! 😳 yes, I love Costco and Home Depot too! 💗

  6. I love the limit social obligations – like you, I am a loner. Simplifying your life is a good way to determine makes you realize how much “extra” we have that we don’t exactly need.

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