1st Scholastic Book Haul for ‘18/19 School Year

Back to school time… means Scholastic Book Orders again!


I can’t wait to read If Your Groovy and You Know It Hug A Friend! I think the kids will love this one! I also love that they made Room on the Broom in board books- my absolute favorite Halloween story!

These are the books we just ordered for our program. We were able to place enough of an order to get a copy of The Biggest Pumpkin Ever, for each of our families. One of the best things about Scholastics is the books are so cheap! I’m a big, nerdy fan!


I cant believe it’s almost time to start reading Halloween books again!😳

What I am super excited about for this order is actually something I found for me.. since I started reading all the Newbery Books last month I’ve been a bit obsessed with them. I was super excited to find  this poster of all the Newbery winners to date.


I love this poster! As soon as I got it, I put it up in my office!💗

That wraps up our book order for this month! Do you remember these flyers when you were in school? I sure do!💗I would go home from school and get out my marker, circling all the books I wanted.

As a teacher, I see how ordering through your child’s classroom really helps build your teacher’s library! Our preschool library has grown so much through Scholastics!

Thanks for checking out our Scholastics book haul! It’s always fun to dig into our new box of books for me and the kids! Thanks for stopping by…

Happy Reading!


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  1. Oh man. This brings back wonderful memories Lana!! I didn’t know Scholastic was still around. I used to get so excited to buy books when we received that little paper catalog at school. And, I want that poster!! 😍 Thx for sharing. 😊

  2. I remember my kids bringing home the flyers and ordering books for them. I know my kids would come home and circle the ones they wanted too. My kids are all readers, some don’t have as much time now because of raising kids and work but every chance they get they read. I think all the books I ordered for them growing up made a difference.

    • I hope my kids will.. I read so much to my older boys and my younger ones don’t really like me too.. all 4 of my kids are gamers.
      Jayden said last weekend, mom I don’t know why you like books…the pictures don’t move at all! 🤣

  3. I used to LOVE the Scholastic Book Fair oh so much!! Thankfully my mom was a teacher and fellow book-lover, so there was always a big haul, followed by days and days lost in the books. Love this so much–such fond memories! <3 🙂

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