What Does Your Blog Calendar Look Like?


How do you keep your posts organized? Do you have regular posts for certain days of the week, post only when you travel, keep a strict reading schedule to finish that book review? Do you put it all on a calendar to keep it all straight?

These are all questions I’ve been trying to find my own answers to as I enter into the second half of my first year blogging. Recently I’ve been trying to have a set schedule for not just what time I post but what I post for each day.

I enjoy keeping in contact with bloggers daily and I’ve always worked best with a schedule and a list! Here is how I’ve been scheduling my week, I’d also love to hear from you what works best for you and how you find your inspiration.84B20182-7C6A-45BD-8B3F-971919AC1686

My weekends

These are saved for my photo posts and our camping adventures, but tend to be a bit irregular depending on WiFi access.


Sometimes it is a weekend recap or a Motivation Monday post. Usually when I am posting something motivating it’s in part because I need to hear it myself.


I post a top 10 list of something that is meaningful in someway for Ryan and I.


This is probably the post I spend the most time on, my week of reading(4w post). I also enjoy a Wordless Wednesday photo post.


Lately I have been using Throwback Thursday to highlight earlier posts.


Perfect Picture Book Friday is a fun post for me to share with families my favorite children’s books. I also like to see what everyone has planned for the weekend and find out what everyone is reading with First Line Friday.

What does your blog calendar look like? I’d love to know how you plan out your week and month…

Have a great night! Friday is almost here!💗


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  1. I know I should commit to some kind of regular schedule even if it is just the same day once a week but I haven’t got to that point yet. No schedule on my blog or in my life for that matter. LOL

  2. Would love to eventually have a schedule, but we don’t have one right now! We do love using HootSuite to organize our social media posts that correspond with our blog posts!

  3. I used to follow a schedule back when I started- I would post approx. 3 times a week- always made sure I had a new post on Mondays. I had a notebook where I kept track of topics, notes and ideas. It was great. I fell out of this about a year ago when life became busy and I am honestly all over the map. I am trying to plan to get back to a better schedule once my kids are back in school. Not just with the blog but my writing in general. I want to map out a schedule that has me writing daily but say Mondays are blog days and Tuesdays are to work on my novel, Wednesday for my Wattpad project and Thursdays for working on articles to submit to magazines… see if that helps me!

      • I have a few local magazines that encourage local writers- I have been working on items to submit to them- I also have been looking into submitting to other magazines (if you get Writers Digest they are a great resource for these things) – but I need to get more organized. It is one of the things that has slowed my blogging down a bit- there are some topics I was going to blog about- but if I could submit to a magazine and possibly get paid for the article…… I want to at least step out of my comfort zone and try it out. What is the worst that can happen? I get rejected? I can always say ‘Oh well- I tried’ and then just publish on my own site! LOL

      • I love that! I might have to look into that… like you said, what’s the worst that could happen.. you post it on your blog. 😊

  4. I’m attempting to create a schedule, and to write posts so they are scheduled ready for September when life goes a bit crazy again with a new class and evening activities all start up again. I try to post at least 4 times a week, in addition to any book reviews, but I know it’ll all go to pot once i’m back at work in a fortnight! And I’m still trying to work out my blogging style!

  5. I have book reviews on my calendar, blog tours and promo posts. In addition to those, there are weekly cover reveals and teaser posts. I do a Waiting for Wednesday & Throw Back Thursday. Also, I do a Monthly new release post. Sometimes, I will do book to movie posts if there is something I’m really excited about.

  6. I have not been blogging for long and am not organised with it at all. I’m very adhoc at the moment. I have decided that when the kids go back to school in going to organise myself better!

  7. I just kept it really simple, write something everyday. Doesn’t matter what, as long as it’s something.

    So far, I’m almost at the 3 month mark and it’s been working great! Being forced to write something everyday really made me think a lot. 😀

    Thanks for sharing your posting strategy, it’s good to know that some people actually structured their writing (unlike me xD), keep up the good work!

    • I’m not very structured either… but I’m trying to inspire myself! Lol ❤️ congrats on almost 3 months!!

  8. I don’t know how to be structured. Hey, I should write out my story of losing my phone. Just not sure what to title the post.
    My blog is supposedly a reasons to live blog, I know I sometimes (oftentimes) write other posts, but I try to ensure that they’ll be posts that are positive and are about reasons to live. As of now up to reason 114, aim is 1000 plus reasons, hopefully from anyone who wants to post.
    My goal should probably be to write a new one every Sunday, but I tend more to try to think of one whenever I’m down or feel like I’ve written too much nonsense and want the blog to stay on focus.

      • 🙂 I should write a post of the funny things I’ve done, but that ones the best – was walking on the plane when a worker came up to the front looking for Eliza coz’ the cards said Eliza on it so he’d looked on the system to see which plane I was on…. literally just before take off. It makes me laugh thinking about it now. And then when I was away I left my phone on the beach, in a store etc, all random places. My sister luckily looked out for it for me. Nowadays when I’m not sure where something is she usually tells me she saw it in x place, and I’m left wondering how she can keep better track of my stuff than I can.

      • Hahaha… good thing you have such a thoughtful sister! My forgetful thing I used to do in my 20’s was drive off with a soda on top of my car. I literally did it about 20 times before learning to double check!🤣

      • Well, being that I’m still 24, I’ve got 6 more years to be forgetful, no?
        Yeah, I’m glad she remembers where she sees my stuff. I’m really trying to put my stuff in specific places, but not always easy to remember to do so, and when I put my keys in a place I’ll remember to find them I looked there last, coz’ why would it be in the ‘right’ place (like the cloakroom is the last place I look for my coat).

      • Yep! You will most likely outgrow the forgetfulness… I did. At least with misplacing my things. But now I’m forgetting different things, like what I came into this room for… or what was I just saying… lol

      • I went shopping the other day and when I got there I couldn’t remember what I wanted to buy 🙁 though that usually doesn’t happen. What you were saying, well, that’s normal, especially if you think fast and think a lot, because you’ll jump from one thing to another (well I do anyways) and interrupt yourself and try not to and then try remember what on earth you were trying to say and be like ‘uh, oops, I was saying something and am in the middle of a sentence but can’t remember what it was’.
        I’ll outgrow that too, right????
        Really, I hope I do outgrow it, the misplacing things, because it wastes so much time searching my house (parents house) for everything all the time.

      • Ya you will… plus it’s embarrassing! I always felt so absentminded… losing my keys or where the heck is my wallet? Lol

      • You made me smile today 🙂
        Gotta get going and journal (have an appointment on Tuesday and have to journal it through to calm myself down).
        Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Though keys I lose the least often for that usually goes on the radiator.

  9. Lana, I loved this idea! I’m getting ready to start a new job, training a new person, plus driving to Wisconsin for training. Then studying for a new certification exam. Yikes, when will I write my blog? This was perfect timing for me to figure out my blog schedule. I couldn’t find a “reblog” on this post so I just copied the link and it’s my Reblog post for today. Thanks!

  10. I found having a writing schedule stressed me out. There was always the question of ‘what if I don’t have that post ready for Tuesday…’ I now write and publish posts when I like, although there are certain ‘low-peak blogging days’ that I don’t publish any posts because the world of blogging seems to be quiet on those days. Those are the days that any newly published posts are less likely to be seen on the WordPress Reader.
    However, I always say ‘go with what works best for you.’

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