Saturday Morning At Camp


Saturday morning sunrise on  Woahink Lake.


This fox my parents saw coming out of a trail in their campground.




Enjoy your Saturday! Thanks for stopping by…




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  1. What a wonderful day for camping! The photos are great. We are having our annual BBQ and beer tasting today. I smoke a brisket and we all bring beers that we have collected over the year to share.

    • Thank you! I think it’s a Stellar Jay.. pretty common here. 😊 I didn’t see anything too spectacular this morning, but it’s another beautiful day with no wind.
      I am hoping to finish the book The Night Olivia Fell today and it has been really fun! Thanks so much for sending me a copy! I’m thinking 5star maybe.. depending on the ending! 💗
      I hope you are enjoying your day as well!😊

      • Oh, wow, I looked it up and that is your version of the blue jay! We don’t have crested jays and you don’t have blue jays! How fun! Yours is beautiful! Ours have a blue and white head with a crest. I’m so happy you are enjoying the book. I am too! I really want to finish it tonight but not sure how late I’ll be able to stay up! Happy you’ve had a beautiful day too! ♥️

      • How fun! That is pretty cool! I assume your in N Carolina.. right?
        I am sitting by the fire finishing trying to finish the book right this minute. I’m probably boring Ryan to pieces because I HAVE to know what happened!
        I have also fallen in love with my Kindle officially! 💗

      • Yes, North Carolina. Our blue jays are large and beautiful, but they are mean to other birds! Oh, I love that about the book and also about your Kindle! I have mine in a case I can just prop up, and it’s so nice not to have to hold anything! Do you have one like that? So happy you are happy with it! 💕

      • Our Jays here are kind of mean too… bullies actually!
        I don’t have a case like that! That would be ideal! I have a pillow on my lap right now to prop it up on… and that pillow is getting ash on it from the fire… the joys of camping! 😊 lol

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