Photography Sunday

It was pretty foggy when we first drove down to the Jetty. I wasn’t even planning to take out my camera. It was a .4 low tide so the Harbor seals wouldn’t be close to shore.

Then Ryan sees a raccoon on the beach! 😯 I had no idea they liked the beach too! Now I am excited to look them up, I wonder what he was digging for? Do raccoons eat clams?


As soon as I grabbed my camera and leaned over the Jetty rocks, he was looking right up at me. 💕



Off he goes down the beach…


I liked his reflection on the wet sand.


Foggy Saturday morning on the lagoon.


Thanks for stopping by to see our photos! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend like we have!


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  1. Love these! The raccoon is so adorable looking at you and digging. Maybe he was looking for those sand fiddlers, if you have them there? Soft shell crustaceans he could gobble up. Love the bird pic too! Good eye! ♥️ Have a great day, Lana!

  2. The lagoon pic was absolutely gorgeous. I would love to wake up and have a cup of coffee by that lagoon with the fog rolling by. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Lana! Have a blessed weekend!

  3. That’s cool, I never thought about raccoons on the beach! Since they are scavengers, I imagine they eat anything! Plus, they love anything shiny! Maybe he was an accidental beachcomber! 😆

  4. Raccoons eat anything and love seafood. I’m sure he was after the little sand crabs that dig into the sand with each wave. They love the beach. So do skunks.

    Great photos!

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