Top ten Tuesday- 10 Books I want to read before Halloween

I tend to get sucked into the easy reads sometimes with my busy schedule and short breaks for reading in a day… Add in trying to read the Newbery’s and I’m always reading light reads!

So I made a goal(yes another reading goal)🤓 to read these books by Halloween and quit putting off some of them!EFA8A4EC-93F9-46AA-B19D-46D5F0CB061A








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What’s sitting on the top of your to-be-read pile? Do you have a few that keep getting lower and lower in your pile? That’s definitely A Walk In the Woods and All the Light We Cannot See for me. Enough is enough… it’s time to read em!


Happy Tuesday Friends!


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  1. I’ve read The Night Circus, Crazy Rich Asians and All the Light we Cannot See – I really liked them all but the last one is one I gave 5 stars to – so good!

    • Thanks Kristin…I think The Couple Next Door will be a quick, fun one.. I have it packed for the holiday weekend!🤩

  2. I’ll get to the new Fiona Davis soon. She wrote The Dollhouse, a good past-and-present novel about NYC’s Barbizon Hotel. Now I’m dying to read her Masterpiece about Grand Central. She’s got a great imagination.

  3. I spend so much time reading on the computer for classes and other things that I have gotten where I just don’t read much. I am not counting at night when David reads to me before we go to sleep. I picked up a book I have been trying to finish and I am now carrying it everywhere I go. Instead, of playing on my phone I read now. I have been dusting our bookshelves, which David came with tons of books, we have 3 just full of his paperbacks, I have found a bunch I want to read. Some are quick reads which I think would be good now until I get all these classes done. Thanks to you I have started picking up the books again. I do like a real book in my hand instead of kindle books.

    • Awe….❤️🤗🤗🤗 that makes me so happy to read that! This morning I just read this chapter book called a long walk to water by Linda Sue Park. It’s based on a true story of 2 African children. I will be reviewing it soon, it was so good! Super short, just over 100 pages, you could probably find it used…😊 have a great Tuesday!

    • I like a book in my hand too… two reasons I’ll pick up my kindle, when I want to read in the dark, and when I can’t find my reading glasses and I can make the font bigger on my kindle! 😁

  4. My boyfriend just finished Beneath the Scarlet Sky and really enjoyed it.

    I have so many on my too read pile that I’m not sure where to start…

  5. Great list, I hope you enjoy them all! Crazy Rich Asians is at the top of my list to read soon. I was not a big fan of Not Her Daughter. Happy reading!

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