Holiday Weekend at Camp

How are you spending your three day weekend?

We are relaxing in our campsite on the Oregon Coast. The first few days it was a light drizzle and I didn’t have my camera out, but today the weather has cleared up.

Ryan has spent some time carving out some steps and a wall border for our campsite. He is really enjoying leasing this site, and has lots of plans to make it our own.12D59E32-75D4-45FB-9779-30711D8C9BE9.jpeg

We’ve seen two deer in the woods behind our campsite, one layed down and took a nap in the back of our site. We didn’t bother him, but it was so cool to know wildlife was so close by.

We are about a mile up the road from the beach and three miles from the Jetty. We saw two foxes today once in the morning and one after Ryan went surfing, I suppose it could have been the same one, but I prefer to think it was two.🤔 It was sprinkling so I didn’t have my camera.🤨

Casino Stop🤠

There is an Indian casino here in Florence and I took my $60(big spender) in while Ryan stayed at camp. A few times a year I will make it in the casino for my fix. Luckily I left an hour later with $80, a good day!

Saturday, 1st College Game Day

We have a bbq to go to in the campground and then we will have dinner at a pizza parlor in Florence that we know will be playing the Duck Game. Ryan is a BIG football fan, so he is pumped and will have his jersey on first thing I imagine…


Ive been doing lots of reading on my Kindle having fun with NetGalley books. I just started out on NetGalley so I’m still learning. A few months ago I had never heard of NetGalley or even knew what an ARC was.

This is our relaxing holiday weekend, tell me about yours?

Happy Saturday!


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  1. Love your new site. We did not head out camping yesterday because David had an eye appointment. We are going to the state fair today first then heading to Montana Creek to camp with our little twins. Oh yea, their parents are coming too. It should be fun. I for see beer, games and playing with babies in our near future.

    I found NetGalley and think I will be signing up for that. What is an ARC? I just know it as a Salvation Army charity shop.

    Happy Labor Day weekend!

  2. It’s great having a private campsite. I’m sure you will fix it up to your liking and it will feel like home away from home.

    How nice to come back from the casino with more $ than you took!

    So sweet to have so much wildlife all around you there. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a lovely campsite and a lovely way to spend the weekend. I love the Oregon coast. We are having a stay-cation this weekend. The kids are at a Smash Mouth concert tonight and I’m resting on the couch with a sore back.

  4. Looks like a nice place, a friend at work rents a camp site for the summer but I never have, after I am done taking care of my dad I want to do some traveling and staying at camp grounds all over the country. Taking care of my elderly dad is more important right now. I miss camping but I am glad to have this opportunity to help my dad have the best life possible.

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