Our 6 Month Anniversary and Raffle Winner💗

We have been blogging now for 6 months as of yesterday and it has been life changing for sure! I have discovered so many amazing blogs. I have made some friends that I love learning from daily, I have discovered a love for photography, and as of recently, reviewing books on NetGalley!

I have easily read more book since I started blogging than in the last few years put together! I think the only downside to blogging is that it has cut into my bedtime hours!

I started a rafflecopter drawing last month and for some reason it did not add new E6F0E5B9-66B1-4F76-AD7C-33C15DCCF264entries after a period of time, so this week I will try rafflecopter one more time and if I have trouble working it, I will be searching for another online drawing program.

I might do a few raffles at the same time so I don’t run out of space for my books. I would love to keep the ones I’ve read, but I have no room, or use for them, and honestly I’d get more enjoyment from sending them to someone who will love them!

The winner of my book raffle for our 6 month anniversary goes to Nicky of Jacksonville, Florida. I will send out your books tomorrow! Congratulations Nicky!💗

Thanks for supporting our blog over the last 6 months, and here’s to the next!


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