Top 10~Reasons I love FALL!

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Today is the first day of school for most kids in our area, so for me I consider summer over! Which gets me really pumped for FALL! I thought I’d make a top 10 list for all the reasons I love it!

  • Football

I can appreciate football on TV for about three months and then I want to take the remote and hide it from Ryan until the super bowl is over.😳 I can only love it for so long. But now that I am obsessively reading not just my Newbery Books but also books from NetGalley I probably won’t mind at all.

  • Foggy Mornings

I don’t have to commute to work, so I actually welcome the foggy weather that sets in here in October and frosty spiderwebs!

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte’s

I don’t actually drink these latte’s but I know people get so fired up for them. I will drink coffee with cream in the morning and occasionally have iced coffee with cream in the afternoon. No pumpkin spice latte for me.4DAD667D-B7A4-4C8D-8EBF-DBDC3681FEE2

  • Halloween

I love the costumes, the trips to the farm and all the excitement that surrounds Halloween, even though I have no clue why we celebrate it..

  • Apple picking

This may seem like a strange one… I grew up going to this farm near our home and Apples covered in rain drops are pictureevery year that I can remember I have been going back with my own children. I love crisp apples fresh from the orchard. I love applesauce and pie but nobody here really eats it but me so I haven’t made it for a few years. Ryan always says he has FOMOF(fear of missing out on football)when we go… 🙄

  • Visits to the farm

Hay rides, nuts, cider, corn mazes… I love all of these things when we go to the farm. As I make this list I am actually getting even more excited for this upcoming trip.

  • Back to school

If you watched thirteen children all summer long, you just LOVE back to school time! Ryan and I run our home-based preschool and in summer months we take on older siblings. As much as we love them all, we are super eager to get back to our more organized preschool curriculum.

  • Cooler weather

We have had more days over 90′ here, than is normal for our summers. It increases the risk for wildfires and makes the air quality just awful when it just sits in the valley. We need a few blustery days to freshen up the valley air.

  • Rain! I miss the rain!

We have not had any measurable rain since sometime in the beginning of June. So I 1BF9E231-1FC5-4973-900E-4ED2EBDBBA4Dam ready for a few rainy days where we sit inside and read and play games. I miss the sound and even the smell of it.

  • Candles burning or sitting by the fire. (or Campfire)

We don’t have a fireplace but I do enjoy the flicker of a candle in the fall and winter months, not too mention the smell of a yummy scent..

Is it the end of summer where you are? What do you love about fall? Thanks for stopping by friends..💗


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  1. Oooh!! I love fall!! I live in AZ, so I always enjoy the cool weather and monsoon rains, paired with a resurgence of fresh veggies at the farmer’s market. I don’t do pumpkin spice lattes, but I always make at least one batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies every fall. Yum! 😊

  2. I love the cooler weather, the changing colors, the campfires, picking berries, getting dark,( I live in Alaska), Halloween, Thanksgiving and more cuddle time on couch watching movies.

    • That’s me too… I am usually mourning the end of summer, but we’ve had too many hot of days with not even one rainstorm.

  3. Ok, I just have to ask. do you not like pumpkin spice or is it for dietary reasons you don’t drink iced pumpkin lattes? Just curious. I never want summer to end either, but once fall is here, I start getting into it. I start drinking coffe and tea more at night, make more crock pot meals, and I love the new fall shows on tv. I’m older, my kids are grown and gone so back to school just means more and slower traffic. 🤣🤣 I envy your camping lifestyle though, I think I might like it if we were by the ocean. 😊

    • I drink more hot drinks too, and I do love pumpkin spice lattes I just try to avoid all those carbs. I def use my crock pot more and make way more homemade soups and breads… 😍

  4. Cooler weather, the changing leaves, the first cold snap and that first fire in the wood stove. Hot cocoa, pumpkin spice cookies. Cozy sweaters. More reading time and my first crochet project of the season. Soup.

  5. In Ireland Fall is known as Autumn. It is the colours of autumn which I love however, because our summer has been so dry the autumnal colours are just not vibrant this year. But it is still good.

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