Book Review: Wicked Nix, @Abramskids, @lenacoakley

Author: Lena Coakley

Genre: Middle Grade, fantasy



Taken from Goodreads.

A visually stunning, Middle-grade classic in the making about Wicked Nix, the foulest of the fairies. Mischievous woodland fairy Nix is up to no good. His beloved fairy queen has gone away, leaving him with a very important job: He must protect the forest from a most dangerous enemy—humans. 

When a determined invader trespassers on his territory, Nix’s skills are put to the test as he invents several wicked tricks to chase the sorry fellow away. But when his efforts don’t go quite according to plan, it becomes clear that this intruder—and this sprite—may not be at all what they seem.


My Thoughts:

This is a cute and surprising story of a little, naughty fairy. The story is from the fairy’s perspective, yet he doesn’t always know what he’s talking about, nor is he always honest. Nix tries scaring away a man living in a nearby cottage, but his tricks are not working so well…

“I warn you. If you don’t leave, I will put a curse upon your garden so that nothing grows but thorns. I will put a spell upon your hearth so that your fire always smokes. I will turn your well water into skunk spit and…and frog pee. I will give your cow wings, and she will fly to the moon!”

With this very unreliable narrator telling his tale, it made for a fun read with an endearing twist at the end. Thank you to NetGalley, ABRAMS Kids and the author, Lena Coakley for this ARC, my opinions are my own.

This book will be released October 9, 2018.

Have you read this story or are planning too? Happy reading!



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