Book Review~Even If I Fall, @harlequinteen, @abigailswriting,

Author: Abigail Johnson

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Published: January 8, 2019

Publisher: Harlequin Teen


Taken from Goodreads

A year ago, Brooke Covington lost everything when her beloved older brother, Jason, confessed to the murder of his best friend. Brooke and her family became social pariahs, broken and unable to console one another. Brooke’s only solace remains the ice-skating rink, where she works but no longer lets herself dream about a future skating professionally. When Brooke encounters Calvin’s younger brother, Heath, on the side of the road and offers him a ride, everything changes. She needs someone to talk to…and so does Heath. No one else understands what it’s like. Her brother, alive but gone, his brother, dead but everywhere. Soon they’re meeting in secret, despite knowing that both families would be horrified if they found out. In place of his anger and her guilt, something frighteningly tender begins to develop, drawing them ever closer together. But when a new secret comes out about the murder, Brooke has to choose whose pain she’s willing to live with— her family’s or Heath’s. Because she can’t heal one without hurting the other.


My review:

Wow! This is an emotional, heartwrenching story of two family’s suffering, after the effects of a violent crime. One family lost a son to murder and the other to prison, and both families are torn apart in the same small town.

Seventeen year-old Brooke is miserable after her brother went to prison for the murder of his best friend, and Heath has been lost since his older brother died. The two have some heated encounters in town but soon realize they both could use a friend, and through that common need, they form a secret friendship.

Through their own grief and loneliness a relationship begins, but they can’t let anyone know or else they will each be betraying their own family.

This is such a complex story, I can feel the emotions of everyone involved and can see it happening all too easily. Once you are invested in that relationship how do you explain it to your family without letting them down? Is their anyway to handle this smoothly? I don’t think so. This is a wonderful YA story, of love amongst such loss.

It’s a beautiful Young Adult story that pulled at my heart strings, even up till the end Brooke continues searching for details of the night her brother murdered his best friend, so she can let it go.  Thank you to NetGalley, Harlequin Teen, and the author, Abigail Johnson for this ARC, my opinions are all my own. This story will be published January 8, 2019.

Have you read this title or are hoping to after its release date? This was such an emotionally charged story! Happy Reading!


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