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How was everyone’s weekend? We stayed the weekend in our campsite driving home at 5:45 this morning.

The rain has finally come back again for us on the west coast. I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of rain on our camper, a sound I have not heard since June. It is a welcome change but I am already looking forward to another wonderfully relaxing weekend at the coast.5EF62792-FCF2-44EE-A33F-2F6C1EE794017483F2E0-6C7B-40CF-9A45-0D6E4D564E43

Having our leased site meant we didn’t have to rush back on Sunday to unpack and put our RV away, so it was like gaining an extra day off of work. So nice, but it was a bit weird driving back in the dark to head to work, I must say in all the years that I’ve owned my home business I have never drove to work.

We have finally resolved our furnace issue with our 2018 Keystone RV. After the 5th time of taking it back and forth being told that it has been resolved each time(from May till September), we finally were given a new furnace! This was not a pleasant experience for our first summer of camping. We had to purchase electric blankets and a portable heater just to keep warm.8D5141DB-614A-431C-8E39-718F85BD94CB

I would not buy another Keystone RV nor would I recommend one because of this issue. I felt that after repeatedly having to take it 30 miles from home for a faulty furnace, we should have been compensated in some way. We were not offered even so much as a tank of gas for our troubles, just a sorry(poor customer service).😳

The other issue we have with our hybrid trailer is that underneath the beds that pop out we get condensation accumulating under the mattresses(a lot of condensation). Each time we leave from a trip we need to prop the mattresses out to dry so that they canvas doesn’t get wet, to prevent mold and mildew.

Aside from these two issues we do love our trailer. I guess issues and repairs are just all apart of the fun, right?🙄

How was your weekend? Have you had any similar RV issues? How is the weather in your neighborhood?


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  1. I don’t think I would recommend them either. Glad you got the furnace working. We are finally getting a summer here but the nights are starting to get cooler. It was 42 this morning. Can’ wait to go camping next weekend because that may be the end of our camping for the year. I will be down in Gig Harbor, Washington Sept 19th to Oct 3rd to help my daughter out after her foot surgery, so it may be to cold or snowy when I get back. We aren’t taking the camper off though until I get back incase we can still go camping.

    • 42 is getting chilly wow! When we left the coast this morning to head back to the valley it was 60’ at 5:45 am.
      I have been to Gig Harbor many years ago, a lovely town. We owned a home in Port Orchard for many years. 😊

      • My daughter lives on the Key Peninsula. I think it is nice there too. It is more comfortable for them because it is more like where she grew up in a very, tiny town in Alaska

  2. Glad you had the issue resolved finally and you were able to enjoy an extended weekend. We discovered after about three years of owning a motor home that homes were not meant to be rolled down the freeway, let alone bumpy dirt roads! If you’re gonna put your home on wheels, you better be a mechanic. There was always something going wrong! So now I am happily living in a solid home in Montana and enjoying the comfort of friends’ homes or motels/hotels when we travel. But, i’m glad we had the experience. For everything there is a time… and speaking of time, we had a great time this past weekend at a western wedding complete with mules as bridesmaids and groomsmen and a lively Barn dance following the ceremony.

    • Oh my, that’s sounds like a wonderful time for a wedding! Yes, I’m glad it’s resolved too… hopefully it’ll be a while before we have any more issues. 💗 Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. What a bummer about your camper, but I am glad you are finally set! I love the rain! We are bracing for a hurricane here, so I might get way too much of a good thing. I’m glad you had a good weekend overall, Lana! 💗

    • Oh my I didn’t think of you in the path of the hurricane! How scary! I will think good thoughts about it hopefully downgrading before it gets close.
      Yep, all set and couldn’t be happier about it. We drove back this morning and will head back Friday! 💗

  4. The furnace problems must be aggravating.

    We had a moderate summer here in Colorado. Not to hot. But we’re suffering our fourth worse drought in history and there wasn’t enough rain. Looking forward to a pleasant fall, though.

    • I can believe it. I don’t think we had any rain since June and that’s really unusual for us here too. I am ready for the rain and looking forward to fall too! ☀️

  5. We have owned a number of trailers from 4 different brands and taken them all over the US. They all have problems. It seems that the more creature you have the more problems you have. As for us, with our large 5th wheel currently, we figure that as long as we are bouncing a house down the road, we will have problems. Aggravating, yes, but it comes with the territory.

    • That makes sense… I hear that from other travelers too. I guess I will try to get used to it. Lol now our stereo controls do not work. 😳

  6. Yup upside down picture. The problem is exif data. many but not all programs / apps read write exif data and one of the things contained in that data is orientation. There are articles on the web that will teach you all about it.

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