Top 10 Tuesday~Being at the Beach

The beach is just about our favorite place to enjoy a beautiful day. What comes to mind when you spend your day at the beach? What would be on you list?

  • Watching for whales

Whale watching for me is by far the best thing to do when I am at the coast. Unfortunately where we leased our site it is not a good whale watching location, we have to drive about 60-70 miles north to Depoe Bay for the best whale sightings!9DF8FD8D-F71A-4B60-B7E8-5A6EBD264A4B

  • Watching the seals

When it’s high tide the seals swim super close to shore and when the water is clear you can see their entire body swimming along the jetty. They are so cute!

  • Feeling the sand between your toes

This is the first thing the boys do is ditch their sandals by the same bush each trip. This past weekend some punk actually either took the boys’ shoes or threw them somewhere the boys couldn’t find them, so they lost their beach shoes this past weekend. People can be so cruel.

  • Playing fetch with the doggies

This is Ryan and Coco’s favorite thing to do. Coco would play fetch till her legs wouldn’t fetch anymore, even if she swallowed a gallon of sand and water she’d still be going strong.

  • Peaceful reading timeC9667BD6-2AD1-4665-B23A-CFEAF2AD6B18

Reading on the beach or along the jetty when their is no wind is simply amazing. When I take in the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore, squawking seabirds, fisherman and the sounds of the buoy’s out past the jetty.

  • Crabbing on the docks

We have not done this yet, but Jayden seems to be fascinated with crabbing, so we have agreed to get our license and give it a try next weekend. He is obsessed over all of the regulations and how they stay in the cage.

  • Surfing7DFA63CE-FA1E-4868-9A13-28586E1F868D

This is mostly Ryan’s thing and he is obsessed with being in the water.

  • Feeding the squirrels on the jetty

The squirrels here are so tame you can feed them right out of your hand, and they will just about eat anything. We have had about 6 of them around us at one time. The raccoon had even come back this weekend, but I didn’t get any pictures, I just saw his prints in the sand and wholes he had dug at low tide.

  • Beach combing

If we can time a minus tide to be right at sunrise on a Saturday or Sunday morning we have a ton of fun getting out on the beach and searching for treasures. Agates, shells, sand dollars or whatever we might find…

  • Playing frisbee

At any given time we probably have about 3 to 4 frisbees in our Yukon, of all colors, different material and sizes. Frisbee for our family seems to be our go-to thing for our family when we are at a park or the beach.D4454045-0317-4AF3-9F45-15793E5735F6

Would our lists be similar? We are counting down the days till we go back again, hoping the weather is just as beautiful.

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. The beach is also my happy place but our beach is Port Aransas, or Crystal Beach, or Galveston in Texas. By the way, I cannot believe you have to get a license to go crabbing that’s ridiculous!!

  2. As for your boys getting their shoes stolen I will tell you another story. We were camped on Padre Island in Texas and we went fishing on Bob Hall pier. When we came back our tent was missing. Some one had stolen anything that was worth anything and threw our tent and the granddaughter’s car seat in a garbage barrel. All I was trying to do was show my son, Cade, and his daughter, Brodie, where his parents grew up. Where we fished, surfed and swam. We were having such a wonderful time until then. Some people are very cruel.

    I grew up on going to Padre Island, so I love beaches. I love checking out beaches where ever I go in the world. I like buggie boarding, body surfing, watching the baby sea turtles head to the sea or to look over and see one catching the wave with you, seals, whales, dolphins, the sunsets, sunrises, the sound of the waves, beach combing and I could go on forever. I LOVE THE BEACH!

  3. On the east coast we call the beach the shore, I grew up “down the shore” and my parents still live there. We try to go at least once a summer! We have lots of dolphins and a cool beach that has tons of rocks the locals dubbed Cape May diamonds! There is a beached concrete ship from years ago at the tip of NJ with amazing sunset views! Love, love, love just sitting there and soaking up the salt air!

    • Wow, what a great share! Thank you! I’ve never once said the “shore” how interesting! I wish we had dolphins here.. the coolest critters I see near the ocean are river otters, beavers and harbor seals. Well and also gray whales! They are my favorite!

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