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Author: Leslie C Youngblood

Genre: Middle GradeDD1CA995-5CD6-4B76-91B8-50ACEB4F980E

Publish Date: November 6, 2018

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

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Taken from Goodreads

Disney-Hyperion has bought debut author Leslie C. Youngblood’s middle-grade novel Love Like Sky, as well as a sequel. Love Like Sky follows Georgie as she tries to find her place in her “blended-up” family, with both her parents remarried and a new teenage stepsister she’ll do anything to win over. When a devastating illness strikes her stepsister, Georgie will do whatever it takes to make her better and bring her family together. Publication of the first book is scheduled for fall 2018.

My review:

This is a sweet story about Georgie or G-baby, and her life at 11 years-old. She has a lot going on in her little head about her newly blended family, friends at school, her best friend, and a boy down the street. But when her little sister gets deathly sick and has to go stay in the hospital she realizes just how much her little sister means to her.

This is a lovely family story about very relatable events for a child. Relationships in blended families are so hard to navigate and when a loved one gets sick, you realize all the things that truly matter. After her little sister becomes ill, Georgie’s step sister starts opening up and they begin to build a friendship, something Georgie has wanted all along.

Georgie wasn’t sure if her sister’s health would ever improve, or if her family would stay as connected once the family emergency has past? I wasn’t sure either until the very end.

Thank you to Disney-Hyperion, NetGalley and the author Leslie C Youngblood for this ARC. This book will be released November 6th, 2018 and all my opinions are my own. You can find this book on Amazon at the link below.

Love Like Sky

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