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Genre: Children’s Fiction, Middle Grade, Mental Illness

Pub Date: September 1, 2018BDE33C22-B6AC-47C6-A528-BE43E67DD19C

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Taken from Goodreads

Elise carries a notebook full of tallies, each page marking a day spent at her new public school, each stroke of her pencil marking a word spoken. A word that can’t be taken back. Five tally marks isn’t so bad. Two is pretty good. But zero? Zero is perfect. Zero means no wrong answers called out in class,no secrets accidentally spilled, no conversations to agonize over at night when sleep is far away. But now months have passed, and Eliseisnt sure she could speak even if she wanted to—not to keep her only friend, Mel, from drifting further away—or to ask if anyone else has seen her English teacher’s stuffed raven come to life. Then, the discovery of a shocking fall secret helps Elise realize that her silence might just be the key to unlocking everything she’s ever hoped for…

My Review:

This book was so unique for a middle grade read. Elise is a twelve-year-old little girl, that is struggling with entering public school after being homeschooled. She also doesn’t have the best relationship with her mom, her only family. They barely talk at all.

After saying a few things she wishes she could take back in school, she decides to not talk at all or at least as little as possible. She even keeps track of how many words she says each day. This only seems to compound her problems and when she discovers a family secret one night she has no one to turn to.

This book highlights a mental illness I knew very little about and I love that the author helps raise awareness for families through this beautiful story.

Thank you to NetGalley, Sourcebooks, Jabberwocky and the author Christina Collins for the e-book. All my opinions are my own. This book is available now and you can find it below on Amazon.

After Zero

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