What’s your Weekend Look Like?

Our weekend is going to be at our campsite getting a load of gravel delivered and hauling about 50 landscaping bricks for our new firepit!

This is what our firepit looks like right now…


And every time my parents or the boys walk by it when the grate is open I’m afraid someone is going to fall in!

Ryan is really excited about this firepit, he actually drove all 50 bricks over to the coast a few nights ago after work. So I will most likely be posting a before and after post this weekend at some point!

This is what we’re hoping it will look like!

What are your plans What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Happy Friday Friends!


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    • We work from home all week… so it’s nice to escape our preschool we run, and get a look at some pretty scenery, maybe a few critters if were lucky. 😁 love your photography John! I need to visit Vegas again, it’s been too long..

  1. Well my weekend will be taking care of my family down here in Gig Harbor, WA. My daughter, Sarah, surgery went well but she can’t walk until I take he to the doctor on Monday. She is stuck in bed all weekend. My son, Cade, and I are taking all three girls to a birthday party on Saturday. That will give Sarah and Steve some peace and quiet. Then the boy have tickets to the Cowboy vs. Seahawk game on Sunday, so I have to take them to the ferry. So I have a busy weekend, but love being with family

  2. Soggy, with rain predicted all weekend. Was hoping to get my brother back in his house, he’s been staying here since his house flooded 2 weeks ago. We will most likely do whatever we can between showers. Hope you take pics when your fire pit is done!

  3. Looks inviting! We put some black paper stuff down around our fire pit a couple years back, then covered it over with gravel. But it was only about 10 inches out around it. It’s all overgrown with weeds again already. *rolls eyes* Your fire pit idea looks like it has much more planning going into it. 🙂

    This weekend we went out to watch a neighbor play in his classic rock tribute band. So far today, I’m playing online, blogging, reading blogs. I’ll probably hit a grocery store later and batch cook some tomorrow, my usual. Loving our fall weather today. Hope your project goes well.

    • Thank you! Those darn weeds are such a pain aren’t they?! The fire pit turned out great, I’ll post a blog this afternoon with pictures…

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