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Author: Hester Fox618A3689-A4CD-4AE4-954F-058CACE84274

Genre: Fantasy, Witches, Historical Fiction, YA, Women’s Fiction

Pub Date: October 2, 2018

Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



Taken from Goodreads

Two centuries after the Salem witch trials, there’s still one witch left in Massachusetts. But she doesn’t even know it. Take this as a warning: if you are not able or willing to control yourself, it will not only be you who suffers the consequences, but those around you, as well. New Oldbury, 1821 in the wake of a scandal, the Montrose Family and their three daughters—Catherine, Lydia and Evelin’s— flee Boston foe their new country home, Willow Hall. The estate seems sleepy and idyllic. But a subtle menace creeps into the atmosphere, remnants of a dark history that call to Lydia, and to he youngest, Emeline. All three daughters will be irrevocably changed by what follows, but none more than Lydia, who must draw on a power she never knew she possessed if she wants to protect those she loves…

My Review:

I was super excited to receive this advanced copy in exchange for my honest review on NetGalley. Thank you to Harlequin-Grayden House Books, NetGalley and the author, Hester Fox for this copy!❤️

I don’t even know where to start with this book, but it is an absolute must read! If you enjoy historical tales of ghosts and witches, this book will not disappoint! I just finished it and I am high on this amazing read! I would give 5 stars to the character development, plot and 5+ stars to the ending! ❤️ Wow!

I don’t want to give up too much, to ruin any of the surprises along the way. I loved Lydia’s character, I was cheering for her and wanting to wring her sister’s neck through the entire story!

This is one of my favorite books, possibly my favorite book of the year! If you read my book reviews, you will know I don’t give that away easily! This storyline continues to build, I wouldn’t say it was a slow burn, more of a smooth read with shocking revelations along the way. I was wowed more than once!

I’d also add that it’s not too scary but more of an eerie, and creepy feel that made me want to read it faster to learn more about Willow Hall and the direction of the story and it’s characters.

Have you read this one? Do you plan to? For a debut novel, I will definitely be watching for the next book!❤️

Happy Reading!


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  1. I just finished this one, too, Lana, and you nailed it in your review! I loved Lydia, the ending was amazing, and I loved that eerie feel. Beautiful job describing this one! I’ll have my review up on Friday.

  2. Thank you so much Lana for taking the time to read my book and writing such a lovely review! I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it <3

    • More than enjoyed it! It was the perfect amount of spookiness in a fun story with surprises along the way! I adored Lydia! I can not wait to read your next!💗

    • Yay! Yes, I was stressing over the ending… and I couldn’t imagine a sister like Catherine! 😂 I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it when your finished!💗

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