Throwback Thursday~ What was your 1st RV?

Thought I’d share pictures our first tent trailer Ryan and I had together…

1979 Rockwood. Bought it for $1000. The sink leaked, and so did the canvas if it rained. 🤣But it got us off the ground.


It was pretty sweet! Definitely loved the avocado green interior!🤔

What was your first RV? Or first camping experiences?


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    • Wow, that’s interesting.. you just decided to be fulltime travelers for a few years when you bought it? For me, I’ve been camping constantly since I was a baby, mostly just in Oregon. But I’d love to travel around in the country in an RV someday.

      • Yes, we just jumped in. Thing is I hated camping in tents – we tried once and it was a disaster that my husband promised never to repeat, lol. He’s a boy scout, though, and loves it.

  1. I have only had cabover campers. Our first was in 1999. We bought it to drive from Sterling, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula to Cabo San Lucas where we spent the winter.

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