A Foxy Morning…

How is your Sunday starting out? What is on your list for today?

This morning Ryan and I drove to the Suislaw Recreation Area again just before sunrise.


We were standing on this bridge looking for the otters or beavers we heard splashing around when this fox ran right onto the bridge with us. Ryan was facing me and I scared him a bit when I said, “omg! Don’t move!”😮

The fox ran off the bridge before I could take his picture up close, but he did stop then and pose for me. 💗 They are so cute!

How is your weekend going?


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  1. Happy Sunday to you! Mine started out equally as fine. The antelope in our field were doing their mating dance. The elk woke me up with their bugling. Snow – the first of the season – fell gently. A beautiful day!

  2. Have been for a lovely walk this weekend, up into the Adelaide hills. Didn’t see much wildlife though but it was a new trail, the sun was shining & it was a good workout. A little while back we had the occasional fox trotting past our front yard. I do love to see them up close but I worry about people’s backyard chickens.

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