Suislaw Weekend Hike

Our Sunday afternoon hike with the boys. We were hoping to see animals, so the dogs stayed at camp.


As we hiked along the river the path started to climb a bit to a great viewing area of the river flowing into the sea.


The Oregon Coast has such weird looking trees, I thought this one looked like a wishbone.


Suislaw River


This fella was so adorable! He was very patient while it took me a year to focus in on him… 🙄


This is the lagoon dock Ryan was on early Sunday morning when the beaver slammed his tail down right under the footbridge. 


There were actually 3 black tail deer on the lagoon hike, but this guy waited for me to get the shot. Lol 


Joe walking ahead…

We took to hiking Sunday afternoon around the lagoon, that the beavers are so fond of and a trail that heads toward the beach along the Suislaw River. The campground near here closes October 1st for the season. We are hoping to see even more wildlife when we go back, with less people in the area. I’m hoping anyway!🤞🏻

Does your family have a favorite trail to hike? I’d love to hear about your hiking spot! Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


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    • Thank you! ☀️Me too! I am not looking forward to daylight savings ending here and having it dark by the time I am off work.

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