More Of the Otter Family

More photos from our hike Saturday in the Suislaw Recreation Area.

This has become my favorite hiking destination when we stay in our campsite near Florence, Oregon. We’ve seen this family of otters many times, but never this close and for so long.

These critters are so active and playful, I could have watched them all day!💗

My camera skills are still needing improvement with my new camera I got this summer, but it’s just going to take time. When I’m excited, it’s just hard for me to be still!🤪


My favorite!





I couldn’t get these shots from across the river very clear, but this is a big fish he caught!


How is your weekend? Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your Sunday! ☀️




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  1. Otters just look like they have a good time. We had a sailboat when our boys were young that we named Otter, in honor of their playful nature.

  2. Wow, I have been trying to capture the otters that live in our area for five years….how exciting for you. I absolutely love that last shot!!

    • If it was the close up one… he was directly under me, under the bridge! He came right up out of the water and we were looking right at each other. I wish id had time to focus better to get a clearer shot. But so fun just to see them close by! ☀️

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