Top 10 Tuesday~ My 10 favorite wildlife photos with my new camera!

I am still figuring out my camera, I am far from happy with my skills, yet I just love animals. I love these photos for the wildlife experiences we were able to share this fall and the end of summer. 


River Otter Family, Suislaw River


River Otter, directly under the bridge entering Wax Myrtle Campground


Wax Myrtle Campground, Beach Trail


Lagoon Campground Trail, Suislaw Recreation Area


Gray Fox, Wax Myrtle Campground, Suislaw Recreation Area


Juvenile beaver, Suislaw Recreation Area


This little bandit loves digging on the beach at low tide, South Jetty Florence.



By next summer I hope to get my shot off a bit better and understand my camera. Sometimes I get so excited, I’ve even scared animals away before I can take their picture at all! 🙄

Have a great Tuesday!



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    • Thanks Ruth! They are all pretty common in Oregon, but you have to be looking for them to find them. 😊

      • What are the animals that are fun to see in your area?
        The Gray Whales travel really close to shore in Depoe Bay eating the Mycid Shrimp that is found there, so they will sometimes stay in Depoe bay for quite sometime. But I’d love to see a different type of whale! 💗

      • We have a large deer population and we often see mamas with twins or triplets We have a lot of squirrels and rabbits – some raccoons, ground hogs, possums and even skunks (ok from a distance) in the area. Lots of types of birds, frogs, and some turtles.

      • Sounds lovely. From a distance skunks are pretty cute! I am also a huge Turtle fan. We have Western Pond Turtles here that I enjoy watching! There is a pond near my house and they fight for space on the log to sun bathe, and I always love the deer, especially the babies!!❤️

    • The close up of the otter was taken from about 10 ft, maybe 20 ft from the fox and beaver. The gray whales come very close to shore, so I was maybe 30 ft from them in that shot. But the closest shot I took was with the squirrel, he was so chill, I had to have been 4 ft from him and he stayed there for a long time letting me figure out my camera!😁

    • Thank you, he was the shot I was able to take the most time on. I was about 4 ft from him and he was totally fine to sit there. The rest of the shots I was a bit excited and hurried! ☀️

  1. Great pictures! The best of it all is that you are sharing not only the pictures. You manage to share the experience. Not that it matters, but I am curious as to which camera you chose. I use a Nikon V1. It is not a “pro” camera but it is relatively small and is adequate. (small is nice when you spend go on extended rv adventures)

    • Thank you. Ya small is nice for traveling.. I bought a Canon Rebel T6. It’s still pretty new to me, but I like it! Plus it wasn’t too expensive, as far as cameras go…

  2. Yes, pretty easy to spend a fortune on photo gear. If photography was my main hobby I would probably buy much fancier equipment. Sounds like you made a good choice for your needs and again your pictures are great.

  3. I don’t know how it could get much better than that squirrel and the deer’s photos. I love em!! I look forward to what you’ll do once you think you really have a “handle” on that camera! <3

    • Awe… thank you so much Jan! All the settings and speeds of everything is too much for me… hopefully I will learn eventually! But yes, I do love that squirrel one too!

  4. Great photos Lana. How do you upload photos and keep small file size? I read to keep a blog site fast one should reduce photo file size. I do that but photos are grainy.

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